August 31, 2013

Line in the Sand

The world is on the brink of Massive Change - a Revolution no less.

I don’t just mean the political posturing of world powers in the battleground of the Middle East as the ‘endgame’ of the battle of the petrodollar is heating up. The Middle East is just the ‘outer’ revolution reflecting the ‘inner’ revolution of our hearts.
Finally, we are waking up.
We are getting up off of our knees.
We are doing more than talking ‘bout a revolution.
We are listening to our hearts.
We are trusting ourselves more than we are trusting our governments.
We are educating ourselves.
We are looking beyond the propaganda of the main stream media.
We are asking questions.

We are rejecting war.
We are embracing love.
Paradigms are shifting.
Hearts are opening.

Inner landscapes are expanding.
Outer landscapes are following.
We are done with tolerating what no longer works for us as individuals, for humanity and for the planet.

What is your heart telling you about your own tolerance?
Is the whisper getting louder?
How much longer will you ignore it?
Embrace love and reject fear - be not afraid of anything - we are all right when we are all light.

Transparency sheds light upon darkness - Ask questions, believe real answers.

All we can do is all we can do. 

doc is blogging as lemme at the GFP - namaste' 

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