August 13, 2013

People are Strange

  Jim Morrison and the Doors has a song for every occasion.  People are strange, when your a stranger ...   I do not know what prompts behavior, but i do know when people step over the line.  The accoutrements of the day include wireless internet in the wilderness - so i can relate last night's strange tale.
   I tend to follow the sun - and set down early about nine for a good nights rest in deep slumber.  Doc sleeps like a rock, but i work up in the dark to a whole bunch of yellin and screamin.  Seems a pair of would be campers musta pulled in about 10:30 and come into our campsite to set up their camp.  Headlights blazing - the folks started waking up the sleeping person in the other tents.  I laid low and listened.
  'What are you doing here now?"  "We're gonna set up camp."  You can't do that here now, its too late and people are down for the night."  It's a free country, we can do what we want."  Does that mean that i can do what i want and fuck with you."  You can't do that man, we can be here."  You got the whole forest, get the fuk outta here."  "We're gonna call the cops." And what are you gonna say, that we came into somebody's camp in the dark and woke them up and they messed with us?"
  Needless to say, when confronted with an indefensible situation, the clowns left.  But really, why would somebody think that they could walk in and disturb folks at a campsite during the middle of the night, for their own convenience and then argue that they have a right to be there.  Come on, people, use some common sense and logic and treat everyone exactly how you expect to be treated by them.  Make your actions personify your words.
  We need to become the stand up people that we suppose we are.  Life is already hard enough without disrupting the peace that our neighbor has work hard to gain.  Consideration should be the first intuition - imaging what we could do if we were all on the same team playing for the same side in whatever affairs we might be accommodating.  Y'know, we could do it, we can pull it off.  Be good to yourself, and then treat everybody with that same ethic.
   Or go disrupt your neighbor's camp near midnight and see if he shoots you.

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