September 02, 2013

Gaia Requires our Attention

Doc has been deep into the issue of water this summer - so deep that he let go of the course of the current world circus.  This past year has been an adventure - last Memorial Day was spent in the heat of the North California sun.  The adventures took doc to Colorado and Montana, then back to Oregon to analyze metal presence in rock, then off to the nirvana of the hot springs.  This pet dragon guards the walkway to the Blue Pool from stray energies that might waylay my tasks, as deep thought has brought out intention.

Returning to the reel whirled, doc has figured out a few things.  Peace is an internal state - i had little idea that major tensions has escalated to the bombing point.  The icky wetness of fear permeates the bloggosphere - the information i get is that a full court press is being enacted - squeezing the american and world publics.  Some of my links have really gone off - the levels of attack on the nature of nature come everyday - chemtrails and GMOs dominate the false pretense.  I bring love bombs based on the actual science - now we collectively must look deeper.

Doc has decided to return to the field - the reopening of ONRRI will take place in the near future.  There are a few loose ends to tie up, but the requirement for academic presence to discuss science principle for public consumption is stil in effect - doc's doctorate needs to provide support for the basis off his knowledge.  As such the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute will join the Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge to seek some new answers to difficult questions.

My first questions is - should we concentrate more focus on the air or the water?  We all breathe the air and the constant presence of chemtrails and radiation from many sources including Fukushima and Chernobyl.  The geo-engineering must stop and climate change addressed with full transparency of fact.  The idea that we have to prove the nonsense is nonsense stands in question when the naysayers can disregard any factual evidence that they don't like.  Truth resonates - let's have some.

The water is the lifeblood of the planet.  The floating plastic islands in the Pacific and the radiation contaminated garbage should be addressed.  Overfishing needs to be stopped and the use of rivers as a sewage system is an unmitigated disaster.   The question remains - why is there no attempt to really clean the Gulf oil spill - except for indiscriminate use of the toxin corexit?  Can we address the monsanity and clean the water - the source of our sentience?

Doc needs help here - a group of folks that will start looking at ecologically empowered life, rather than the current rape of Gaian natural resources.  We can start with methods to exchange minerals with earth rather than taking them.  We can trade value for value - however, we need to redefine what really is of value - beyond all economic systems.  The whole concept of money is so broken that we should give it up entirely.  Work has become make-work as most of what gets done is of little to no value at all.  We need a better form of weighing - to make things work better instead of the more, bigger, best consumption pathway.

No more deliberate fouling of our nest!  Let's watch the spin spin out carefully and reserve our emotional stake in the flow to personal matters only.  

HBD dad and GL kirbs.  LV to Daniel, mom and everyone else too.

namaste'    doc

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