September 04, 2013

One Simple Solution

Sitting here this morning talking about blood sugar regulation and diabetes, i got a glimpse of the nature of things that crystallized into common sense.  By looking with love at the problem - i found that some diabetics are both hypo and hyper glycemic - that they couldn't start or stop the process without insulin.  I then thought about the number of different molecules involved and the brain wrapped about the parallels to human society.

Diabetes is a regulatory problem - the body doesn't know when the food is gone and starts digesting itself - hence a rise in blood sugar and all those nasty problems.  Our society has been on high fructose corn syrup for too long and shows all sorts of diabetic symptoms.  The solution seems obvious - cut the regulation volume and unplug the pathways.

Just think - if congress is the opposite of progress - what could be done by removing most of the regulations from the system.  Complete and utter chaos would occur.  This is a very good thing - see the writings of Butler Shaffer for many creative examples.  But we still have economics to deal with.

Take the big picture now to the small scene using the 'as above, so below' and 'like attracts like' supports.  If the economic system were stopped and the world localized, then all resources of nature could be kept in custody by the people in their homes, where they would refrain from fouling their nest.  With little regulation, people would be encouraged to share their talents and work together to find new ways of feeding and building - with support from the uberstructure provided by the internet.

There are so many ways that we can change.  I start by changing way to weigh and measuring my own actions carefully.  This is the time to question the illusion - what we know is real and what we know is unreal.  Doc knows chemistry, he doesn't know social structure.  Doc knows sacred geometry and mathematics.  They agree to about a 97.5% fit - which seems good enough for nature, but not good enough for the math elitists.  The realm of numbers is way more than mathematics can prove, but then, then sometimes forget that zero and infinity are really the same concept.

The weigh is a measure of what we know or what we think we know.  The concept of knowledge assumes that what is written in textbooks is gospel and that ain't necessarily so.  The concept of billions and trillions like we have in the monetary system is irrelevant on the scale of single and double digit numbers that we deal with daily.  The weigh is to unschool ourselves - to realize that common sense is not common at all.

Each of us is a loving and caring individual.  We are told things that degrade our persona and when we believe what we are told we are told we are good little boys and girls and given a star.  Doc quit that system and left - what he came back to is a lot of spiritual egos telling about their shiny stars.  That is all ridiculous.  The fear of terrorists and the fear of govt are two sides of the 'make everybody scared' coin. 

I am no longer scared - i am angry.  I am not a terrorist and i resent be treated like one by the banksters and their judicial insanity of corporation that has no heart and no soul.  That what was formerly blackwater is now monsanity - the GMOing of our food sources is beyond insane, it is genocidal.   And now they have mercenaries?   We got Rumsed over.   I expect to be taken at face value, not assigned a label and carted off to a line to wait for my number to be called.  

The key lies within the water - where we used to assume that water group in cluster of 150 - 250 molecules at a time, we find now that they group in the millions or tens of millions at a time.  We should look at how this changes things at the cellular level - which is why i started looking at diabetes.  Nature is not at war with man - let's get over the idea of conquest and work together to fix things, then we can get back to economics and poly-ticks, if we really wish to, at that time.

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