September 07, 2013

The new weigh game

In order to learn differently, one must look at the context of new material and determine the proper flow that integrates the substance into the knowledge base that one already has.  This requires evaluation of that knowledge base and the rejection of facts and items that no longer fit the paradigm.  What we know and what we think we know are two different things - the latter ready to trap us in illusion.

lemme howdt is the game piece that questions all answers and doc is the game piece that answers all questions.  Between the two poles is a very confused, isolated schizophrenic individual that doesn't get along with the constant drumbeat of lemming society.  The person creating the little picture here has a lot of past experience observing nature and human interaction - the humans of this whirled are totally insane, collectively.  The real game is to keep calm in the face of exploding realism - because we make this up as we go and we are at the point where the narrative deviates from the history.

So - what is this game?  The concept of playing a game is one where there is a winner and there is a loser and at the end of the game, both say "good game" and continue on with life, in whatever form it appears.  There is no game in the old game any longer as the old game now is whoever collects the most toys wins - with the advantage of corporations being long lived people with no collective responsibility to keeping other entities alive on this planet.  The game of scorched earth is a monstrous Monsanity - what in the world are we spraying and dumping?  Can we declare game over and start a new game?

Guess what?  The answer is yes - the end is near.  When we 'the people' withdraw our consent from every form of governance and take on a new form of organization - they 'the minions of greed' will start their next set of gyrations attempting to get other people against us people. The key is mind control - who has control of your mind - you, them and their telley?  If you turn off that idiot box, then you score a point in the new game.

The internet has all the information that you will need to play the new game, but the rules of the old game are fixed in place in the current world set-up.  Buckminster Fuller invented a world game almost five decades ago - but the game was applied to the system at that time in such a way that the cost of learning to run that game on the scale designed is a lot of time and effort. This weigh game should make sense and be easy to play.  It involves evaluating information and seeing which form is correct in application.

Life is full of symmetry - nature makes things such that the cost of duplication is facile - once something is, it does not have to be reinvented again.  Nature uses different forms of expression to say the same thing - there is natural redundancy all over to ensure that if one mechanism breaks, another is there to fulfill purpose.  All mushrooms are not Aminitas, but all Aminitas are mushrooms.

The first approach to the new weigh game is to measure things and evaluate them based on what you already know.  Aminita mushrooms are poisonous or hallucinogenic, depending on what reference you believe.  It requires experience and gutz to determine if you should eat the mushroom - the pictures tend to imply that if you munch out, things will be all right.  Doc did not eat the above shroom, even though the mural showed the same scene.

To join this new game means to get off the idea that this form of existence is going anywhere further.  To change the movie, we each have to start acting differently, supporting each other and our efforts to be different - to not march to the warring drumbeats of insanity.  The first two steps are easy ones - play the game of Project Restoration as one of the 144,000 and join the mole group.  (There are 13 groups there - my team is the moles and we are chasing the bears.)  The second step is to come to a love party - at the GFP chatroom.

The GFP is the Galactic Free Press - a positive media for individuals who want to know what is happening as the earth changes within the grid.  The weather reports tell of current earthquake and CME conditions.  The earth allies contribute information - very little of the lame stream news finds its way to the press.  The tongue in cheek irrelevance is a plus - you get to enjoy something different than the same old, same old.  There is one requirement - you have to suspend your personal beliefs on every topic and just roll with the flow - no illusionary downers are allowed.

If there is war in Syria, then we get death and destruction.  If we stop the war, there are many more things that require stopping.  If we force ourselves to believe only in what is 'real', we miss a lot of the show because we already have a preconception of this reality.  We are caught in a box defined by our means of exchanging information - we talk at each other than with each other.  There is a better weigh - Thyme to look for the improvement.

See you all at Project Restoration - and on-line counting game that really starts the putsch when we get to 144,000.  This seems a large number, but numbers work differently than counting on the scales the game is played.  Enjoy and remember - games are ways to learn new concepts and we badly need some new approaches to avoid the same old song.

Namaste'       doc

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