September 12, 2013

The OAK Institute

Lots has happened in the past 24 hours - Doc has a special announcement. 

The Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge will be working with the Northwest Education and Training Institute and the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute to promote an experiment in Fibonacci growth patterns.  The OAK Institute will question knowledge the existing knowledge base in a participant interactive format - a reality television show without the television.  

Doc will be working on several projects for display that will begin the experiment - which is to measure the rate of growth of a point source of ideas.  I figure that we require 30 repetitions to get statistical significance, so there will be a new form rolled out every so often until we have enough data to see the conclusions.  This is a bio-mimicry experiment done by a chemist - please bear with me.

Since I agreed to run a chemistry class for Vincent Finelli and the USA Prepares folk - We will be able to operate the OAK Institute on several different levels.  There will be an agricultural concern on a micro-business scale run by Dr. Richard Alan Miller - and there will be discussions of sciences outside the realm of current science - meta-physics, sacred geometry, and interpreting the illusion, fact and fiction.  There will be regularly scheduled discourses will be archived and a forum for discussion of many topics. 

To raise some early capital, I have asked NWETI to run a special rate - $5 bucks a month, payable in quarterly amounts.  The site is active now - use the orange sign up button.  There are other courses in various fields already offered - be entertained and Doc will be back on-line in 2-3 weeks.

There are some other science courses that i currently have ready to go, but off-line at the moment.  If we have enough takers, those topics can also be initiated.  The goal is to learn by teaching and to get some real information.  Doc can speak to chemistry, and can draw other expertise into the forum.  There will be higher levels to invent later on - this experiment has to be done under strict protocol and so i cannot go into detail here, at this time.

Enjoy the equinox - be back soon.  Namaste'   doc

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