October 08, 2013

Alarm Bells Going Off

Have you noticed that during this government sequestration, the chemtrails have stopped. Clean air is a necessary precomponent for healthy people.  Usually - we don't have it this good.  However, cloudless skies do come at a cost.  Dane has the latest on the excessive ultraviolet radiation that is hitting the earth and what Geo-Engineering has to do with it.  

On another note - wouldn't you like to say this ...

  ... I cannot take credit for the picture, but it expresses my sentiments exactly.  The lawmakers in Oregon redirected their special session to ram through the Monsanto Protection Act - SB-863 - a law which usurps local control of agriculture.  But lo - there is Sen. Peter King pushing a law for the USA to usurp states rights in this domain - and many others.  Can we finally give up on the integrity of out elected offishuls and their minions and change the form of governance.

It is a simple question of horizontal versus vertical symmetry.  Instead of having a hierarchy of orders, we need a system which allows people to make their own decisions and take full responsibility for them.  The game of shifting natural resources out of their home location based on people from elsewhere's decisions is inane and costly, except for those making the profits.  The local control of local decision making is the only weigh of sovereignty for we the people.

Readers are invited to look at an enlightened government POV at the Jefferson Agronomic Guild blog.

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