October 10, 2013


Matsutake morning
Aromas of forest duff
Conceptually purging
Senses in the realm of nature
As big as a single mushroom may be
Each has so much more mycelium
Spinning a ubiquitous web of social organic
Mitigating information for the water guardian
A thought or two envelops the brain until
A small light-bulb click on into the aether
The rudimentary level of fungus
Among us, exasperated by the sheer
Number of individual marquis species
Peeking out from under the carpet
Of pine and fir needles in
Plain brown dirt

2013 lemme howdt  

The frame of this poem fit into the trace of a large Matsutake mushroom picked in late September at the Umpqua Hot Springs.

This is not a Matsutake - it is just a pretty mushroom photo 

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