October 22, 2013

Calculation of 'As above, So below'

     Yesterday dissolves into today when we remain in the immediate now.  Sleep is a ritual of exhaustion carried out at the end of the day by the drive to retire the mind - the quest for silence in a cluttered reality.  When we sleep, we may dream - our senses sharpen in nocturnal awareness and our minds play on an aetherial shipscape.

     The aether models the water, only at a fractal relationship similar to that between the water and us.  There is another model for something so big that we cannot even begin to conceive at that same fractal relationship - the concept of a multitude of universes combining into a sentient creature at ridiculously large scale - perhaps we can fathom the distance in orders of magnitude to get a picture of how big these intelligences may be.

     Water is 55.5 molar - which means that there are 55.5 moles in a liter.  Since a water molecule weighs 18 atomic mass units ( one oxygen at 16, two hydrogen at 1 each), and a liter weighs one thousand grams (very conveniently, a gram of water is equal to a milliliter or a cc : cubic centimeter).  Thus a mole of water is 1000/18 = 55.5 waters.  Or a small furry critter.

     Amadeo Avogadro figured out that there are 6.023 x 10 to the power of 23 molecules (6.023 × 1023 ) in a mole of substance - this gives rise to a set of concentration units that express the amount of material dissolved in a fixed volume of solvent.  This quantitation gives us chemists solutions for how to balance chemical equations, such that atoms can be prepared and mixed in small whole number amounts.

    That Avogadro worked in the 19th century made this feat of calculation quite amazing.  That was a day when big numbers were beyond the comprehension of most people.  Today we drop our big numbers like the drop of a hat - millions (power of 6) , billions - (9) , trillions - (12) - and molecules of water work at the exponential scale of 24.

     Back to the fractal spacing theory of aether : water as water: man as man : ????  .  If we take our own volume in liters - we can calculate that a 200 lb man has 25 gallons worth of water weight at 8 lbs per gallon.  Since there is 3.8 liters per gallon - round to 4 and get 100 liters per doc sized person.  This is 2 orders of magnitude and takes our exponent number from 24 to 22.

     Let set the aether at the scale of one.  This places water at the size of 22, man at 44 and the ??? at 66.  Since I believe that nature allows wiggle room and i rounded grossly - 66 is close enough to 64 that i rest my grid of 64 case - life can be a mobius strip where the very large ???? resembles the very smallest aether - they are one and the same.  It would not surprise me at all to project this one round further and find that 88 has a supergigantic sentient being or that the planck constant (6.62606957 × 10-34 m2 kg / s ) is also caught up within the entire field.

     I like to use an accordion model at this point.  If the accordion is stretched out all the weigh, then we have the entire breadth of scale of the universe.  When the accordion is scrunched up - we have a microcosmic window of life that is sentient and acts of its own accord.  The key to sentience is emergent behavior - to create something new and different out of pieces already there, but not assemble in the proper format.  Like turning metal ore into metal structures.  We had to learn to refine before critical mass could come together.

     That's it for now, doc has hit his depth chart.  Consider OAK as a place to exchange valid points of view that lead us into alternative directions.   The cost is lite - enough to to run the site.

Namaste'   ... doc


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