October 27, 2013

Creating the New Weigh

     Plans get created and plans fall by the weigh-side.   The value of conflicting desires has to be teased out of the framework of existence - what means more to you may mean less to me.  There is an overriding sense of the need to have to all agree to be in unity and that is just not the case.  We can agree to graciously disagree and leave things open until more is known.  The 'i'm right, you're wrong' paradigm of life is over, done, kaput.

    The universe can complicate life, if we gather too much breadth and depth.  The idea is to have a balance of both - a certain depth of knowledge of all, combined with a much deeper sense of the things that you choose to focus upon.  Each of us is the world's leading expert in some field of our specific interest - but realize that ex means former and we all know what a spurt is.

     My traveling partner for the trip home made a few different decisions on Friday and spent the evening in the hoozgal.   The offense was to have the audacity to film on cell phone a shakedown between the thugs in blue and a hassled soul.  Doc did not get details - obstruction of justice was ruled - similar to the obstruction for the Cardinals in the 9th.  One night in jail, two bruised wrists and a lot of dates with our favorite liar (or is that spelled lawyer?)  So, we no go.

     Sometimes - we can drift along with the brain on autopilot and enjoy the day without conflict.  When we engage our minds to determine our senses of fairness or right/wrong - we inevitably add the perspective of our ego onto the will of our desire.  We have been conditioned to Do the Right Thing (thanks Spike) - yet the morality base is shoddy at best.  Practical reality dictates going with the flow over your better judgment, so as to not stand out and become the event.  Ego talks and things happen, then we get to deal with those things.

     The key here seems to be the attachment to a point of view.  As we are each one, we are all one.  The idea that we can stand alone to right the ills of society one by one is nonsense.  We are all heroes on our heroes journey, but we are never alone in a 'me vs all of them' scenario.  Your friends are always there to cover your back, as long as you haven't chased them off.  It is imperative that we consider each other as we do ourselves and provide the best we can for the greater good, by taking care of the lessons of the individual me, that we learn and sharing our adventure.

     Sometime - what is meant to be will be.  The apparent effigy of life is that it ends in a blink - what is there in the afterlife is a relevant concern of every religious being -- with no specific answer available.  We can look at the dynamic change of every day from our perspective here in the now, but the relative length of day is dictated by the concept of size.  We just do not know for sure what happens after death.  There is a lot of evidence that life doesn't end at death, but parsing words has made the conversation difficult at best.  The key is, no agreement is necessary;  the answer is there in truth;  there are many path-weighs that lead to the solution, not just one.  

      There is something there at the point source of an originating thought that has an indeterminate mass, because we cannot resolve matters beyond a certain point - the point of small.  If we continually take half the distance, we never reach our goal.  Emergent behavior is the process of creating something new out of the void.  It starts, grows, peaks and wanes.  If the wane returns completely to the origin, the spark goes out.  There is a regression that opposes progression and they eventually balance at some stage of growth - to then decide the next path.

     Just because things are yin and yang, does not mean they always divide equally.  There is a give and take of pressure back and forth - one can dominate for a while but never transform 100% - the rate of approach to the limits is governed by the capacity of the system.  The more momentum - the more chance of crossing the barrier set by the limit and being beyond where you were able to go previously.  This sets a new unreachable limit somewhere out beyond where we can see - the next energy state, so to speak.

     Well, we are there, in the here, now : beyond the know of where to be.  Our here is still here, but it is not the here of before - our history was made up of stories of the past.  The future is indeterminate if you have free will; set if you believe in true will.  It is what it is, the whatever.  What we believe doesn't matter much - yet every thought is a new spark of light created at an aetheric point source, grown within a golden mean spiral.  The number of counts sets the level - we can measure that conveniently by judicious choice of metrics.   

     The key to knowing is being able to measure.  Each weigh is not the same - yet we must compare apples to apples, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  The cost of knowledge has become excessive - the sequestration of  key facts for material profit will not sustain us any longer.  The old way is over and the new weigh not created yet.  We now know what it is we have to do.

Namaste'  ...  doc

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