October 14, 2013

Getting Out of Time

   One of the weighs that we can control our own time is to make a conscious decision to change our personal calendar.  Doc currently uses two different daily calendars, the Mayan Tzolkin 260 day calendar, and Armando Busick's Treei 64 day calender.  I still attempt to keep track of standard days of the weak - I know that today is Monday morning;  the julian date is just a number - 10142013 - which adds up to 3.

   Numerology and Numeronomy are vastly different concepts of numbers outside the mathematical system.  In numerology, you add up all the numbers, then again to get a single digit number.  The date number for doc's birthdate is 31/4 - there are books and learned weighs that will get you farther down this path including how to interpret numbers.

   On the other hand, Numeronomy is a system developed by Bob Marshall, who worked with Buckminster Fuller in the development of life - 1960's flavor.  Marshall was a savant who saw how the prime numbers came together in a clik, clik, zap formation that fell into a sacred geometric pattern that resembled a spiral.  Doc is editing Marshall's work, getting it ready for lay-out on a book on this topic - early 2014.

   The Tzolkin calendar of 260 days has a partner calendar of 364 days, so that followers of the system can track the normal astronomical year.  The Treei 64 day calendar is a marvelous development, where we can approximate each 64 day cycle as the length of a single day of a tree.  When we take our own birthdate, calculate the number of days and divide by 64 - we get our current age in tree days.  We can then calculate the flavor of today, based on the remainder decimal as seen in the sequence of the dateline.

   The dateline in your personal day for today - Doc's today is Love Massing. To align oneself to a Treei calendar requires a grid of 64.  There are two axes on the grid - each has eight segments just like a checkerboard.  We are used to the terms vertical and horizontal for the frames - but in this case, I would prefer to use the terms top and bottom - for quarky reasons.

   The order of the sequence moves across the top and then down one bottom line and across again - not quite the back and forth of chutes and ladders, but a similar mobility concept.  The order of sequence begins with MASS, then moves to FORM and FLOW, then POWER and LOVE, followed by SOUND and MIND and ending in VOID.  (Note - highlight the space to read the term).

   Thus the bottom term is read first, followed by the verb of the top term.  The first day of the calendar - with remainder zero is Mass Massing.  Each day moves in sequence - Mass Forming, Mass Flowing, etc.  Thus for doc to be on Love Massing, his remainder after the division by 64 is 0.5000 - this is day 33 of the 64.  Each of us can be on any of the 64 days of the Treei tree day - there is an interpretation school that developed when Armando introduced the cards in 2009-2011.  ( Love to Armando, Ingrid and Libby from lemme ).

   There are also sounds and musical notes of the Treei grid.  Armando had a stroke and now uses the sounds of Treei as a major communication tool.  He lightens up my visits to Southern Oregon and tries to integrate into a society that differentiates us away, when we are no longer 'normal'.  That the norm is unachievable and really doesn't exist is another topic.

   The idea behind following a different calendar is to be on a different resonant beat.  The current society is chained into a 110V cycle that resonates unnaturally through the body.  We have waves at every frequency and the interaction of the big and little waves follow completely different patterns that we are led to belive by traditional mathematical accounts.  That math is 'perfect' and requires integrated proof is a liability when dealing with nature and natural resources.  Numbers mean more than just a device to count - there is quality in the fine structure that is missed completely when all you do is count.

   To be free - we have to think howdtside da baax (outside the box) - to get away from the controlled thought patterns that define the times.  Let go of reality that is illusion, create a new illusion to be your reality.  We can all live in our own isolated whirleds and not have to agree on facts, until we attempt to correlate our thinking.  Instead of a one size fits all package, in this form, we all get to have our own weigh.  Measure twice and cut once.  When we come to the same conclusions from different streams of thought, then we are ready to begin to answer some of the essential questions of our time.  Dump the Julian Calendar and start marching to a different drum beat.

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