October 30, 2013

A question of governance

If where you are is where you will be - are you still here now?  The ability to 'see' the future is a matter of assessing the present moment of now and projecting the course of all the actions taken en route to being here.  History plays a distinct role in setting down the morphogenic patterns that base this current reality, which is displayed in holographic form, because that's what we are used to seeing.

Conversation on deep topics is at a premium these days because everyone caught in the rat race is too busy to get deep.  They take for granted what they are told and can repeat variations of a theme to an endless degree.  To expose themselves to novelty is painful, because then they have to accept something that wasn't and, well, cognitive dissonance wont allow that - their brains are full with how to make money to pay the rent and have enough left for the weekend buzz.

It seems to me that we are all legends in our own mind, playing hero games because of the endless repetition of the hero's quest story in our media.  It has to be David vs Goliath - no groups of sane people getting together for discussion - just battle, battle, fight, fight, fight.   Governance of the people needs to resemble this monty python skit.

The question becomes how to localize affairs to the most common denominator - to give peace a chance.  This is coming, no matter how much war - the handrighting is on the wall. And there is lovely filth for Dennis to play in.  But once the economy expires, then the plan is...   the plan is ...

The voting system doesn't work.  Russell Brand gets kudos for stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for the whole friggin mess - he is totally correct to say that voting is tacit compliance.  We know exactly who our leaders are - each and every one of us.  The days of vertical power structures are gone - reliance on other people is a thing of the now.  If you know somebody who knows what they are doing, you are well advised to listen to them.

This does not necessarily mean acting with them.  You are responsible to use your own judgment to decide whether to follow or lead in another direction.  Each choice is paramount toward creating an environment around you that you feel comfortable in.  Surrounding yourself with loving, kind people is much more effective for getting what you need than bitching and complaining about things beyond your purview to control.  Let it flow - you can't stop the river by telling it not to flow.  But you can always withdraw your consent.  You can stop the river, but not quell the tide.

New weighs always bring changes.  Embrace them and you'll feel a lot better in the here and now - the only time that really is.  There is much to be discovered in the writings of contemporaries - i now am ready Arcady Petrov - a very interesting free thinker from Russia who's works were first translated into english in 2011.  The book is called Save Yourself.  The Ringing Cedars series is another good location for words that are not in current context, yet show another weigh.  The more weighs we take - the more redundancy that we establish, such that we always have a back-up system.

Namaste'  ...   doc         PS:   I love you, too

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