October 24, 2013

Learning Styles : Kids, radiation and radio

       I am listening to the podcast of USA Prepares with Vinent Finelli and Richard Alan Miller and Grace Thorne's 6th grade classroom from Ryan, OK.  The conversation is about radiation and microwaves - aren't kids fun.  The kids are asking Rick questions and the guys are talking about what they know.  This is a combination of new and old style education - a blending that allows experts in certain fields direct access to kids at the most curious age.

     Middle schools these days are comparable to adult prisons.  Lock downs and drills are commonplace - there is little room to pursue the interests of the youth.  This program is a change - I salute the school system for being open.  If all schools decided to become transparent and teach really skills, while the teachers are learning along with the students, then we get closer to where NWETI can become valid.

     NWETI is the Northwest Education and Training Institute - a place where people with something to teach can collect students that wish to learn.  We are attempting to offer credit - but the lockdown of higher education means that only continuing education credits currently can be earned.  We are negotiating, because the knowledge is valid - but this country really seems misdirected in what knowledge is for.  It is for prophet, not for profit.

     Talking about radiation - all wavelengths that exist are carrying energy.  We need to be careful about our interactions with all energy and that includes microwaves, cell phones and x-rays.  The interaction is embedded in all reality - the radiation excites the molecules and gives transitions that then interact to enable chemistry.  Chemistry is directional - it depends alot on right handed and left handed designations.  When the right hand and left hand are directly paired - there is no net optical activity - a chiral mixture results.  

     When we get to our mollec hue cartoons - we will demonstrate this better.  We know that both heat and light can act as catalysts - wavelengths are carriers of energetics that are stored in chemical bonds.  All energy is used to create order from chaos - although the extent of chaos and order are yin and yang and the balance changes - it is not always 50% of each.

     Science is a process of asking questions and getting valid answers. When we get deeper, we have to revisit some other already answered questions in deeper form to have context to get deeper.  We also have to ask if we get wider, do the same answers still hold?  What are the variables?  Can we build a model?  Does the model follow reality?  If its not broke, then does it need to be fixed?  How do we know what we think we know?  Is it true?  Can we get there from other pathways?

    The kids are asking good questions, but they have no hypothesis - they are curious.  The questions really do need study - you can join me in the quest to question all answers and answer all questions.  The OAK will be open - ask aweigh.

Namaste'  ...   doc

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