October 28, 2013

Personal Thyme Control

Sometimes i wonder what happens to all the time i spend when i'm into something and i look up and the time has evaporated.  The depth of thought of writing sometimes takes me into a deep internal place where minutes turn into hours without any note or forethought - it is easy to see how somebody with a full plate rarely has time for reflection.

It is simple to remain here, in the now, when there are few distractions.  The work that i do is very important to me, so i knuckle down and do it when i find i have the time.  I grok how deep i have to go and have learned to estimate the time frame that things should take, then double it.  If i don't have that much time available, i know better than to get started.  Turn off the phone, close the door and ...

Once i'm there, i slip into a pattern that allows me to look at the picture as a whole and set up the achievement points - the things that i know have to get done in a certain order that breaks the circuit into manageable parcels.  Each facet of the work requires a different type of thought process - i have the option of reaching any one of these points and stopping for the time being.  But until i know what the metrics are, i have to budget time for the whole 'once and done' project period.

After the outline is built and the time estimated, the next thing to do is to evaluate the status of where things are at.  Is there a deadline?  Is there a monetary budget?  What sort of tools are required?  Are they on hand?  How long a delay in ordering, shipping and delivery?  Are there back-ups?  Who else is involved in the task?  Is this new or on-going?  Are there other weighs to look at things?

Yes, there are.  Always.  Monoculture gives a particularly narrow point of view - the diversity of life is in the approach to perspective.  I have a solution to prepare - it requires scales, glassware, pure water, chemicals, stirrers or shakers, potentially with heat, safety gear, etc.   Then there is bottling the solution and labeling the bottle, writing an MSDS (material data safety sheet), instructions for use, necessary legal disclaimers, and other assorted BS as required.  Then we have sales, money handling, shipping and handling, customer service and marketing.

On the other hand - i can make the solution with the chemicals in a large 5-gallon bucket in the back yard and use a funnel to transfer to large containers.  I can sell the solution at that point and let somebody else deal with the delivery to the customer.  Depending on the costs and the quantities - I can make the solution in bulk fairly cheap and meter it out over the course of time - having a steady, reliable low level income.

Would i be breaking the rules?  Badly!  Absolutely!  With intention!  The rules are set up by other people that wish to have control over what you are doing and who wish to disperse the profits of your work to themselves, the govt taxes - state and local in addition to federal - the landlord you pay for your workspace that cannot be your home space - the double set of utilities for work and home - and the number of other middlemen, banks, insurance companies, etc. that each have their hand out for providing a lame service that you cant get anywhere else, because they jobbed the system into only one pathway that will work.  Hear me E-bay?

The need to meet the rules is their control mechanism, and they expect us to enforce the rules upon each other.  Bull pucky on that.  I intend to create healing solutions that provide relief to those who are in pain or are in need of specific results to address a particular health crisis.  Doc prepares Ormus and we have discussed this product in the past - check with Mystic Earth in Roseburg OR for a one ounce sample at a greatly reduced price.  (Price will oxidize back up for the next batch:  ask for Ron or Michelle : 541-229-8899).  

As time changes and we find that we no longer have to race the rats to get our peace - the mechanisms of payment will change from dollars to in-kind.  We need to be kind to each other and slow down from the frantic pace.  In fact - think now about how to simplify your daily tasks and save your time for tasks that require your depth of attention.  We all have routines, that if we insulate from breakdown make us work better.  For instance - two cups of tea with morning typing.  I always have a box of 20 teabags in reserve on the shelf.

Being in a place where you have access to clean water is important.  I no longer trust municipal tap water - and i filter my well water through a Wu Wei natural action water filter.  It works on Schauberger principles.  If you want to know more about Victor Schauberger - NWETI is the place to inquire.   Let's just say that Vic is to water as Tesla is to energy.  

Okay - the purpose of this post is to get us to think outside the box about the things we need to have and to prepare for a return to simplicity.  We can keep our stuff, but realize that much of this stuff has no redeeming value, outside the current marketing based monetary system.  NESARA is on the weigh,  after the utter destruction of the current anti-competitive corporate slave system.  Time to do your own work.  You know what to do - just do it.

Namaste' ...  doc

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