October 23, 2013

Perspective : Philosphy

     When we look at life - do we grin and giggle or do we fret and frown?  The answer to the question depends entirely on the scale that we are working.  When you work on the scale of one - you can never be bored - you are always being in the now and focusing on what you need to do to be you.  Do you treat yourself well?  If you do not, then you are giving implicit directions to others to treat you badly.  Be good to yourself, love yourself for bringing you here at this time, the moment of now.

     Doc is blessed to be a part of the world of so many magnificent people.  He owes a lot of gratitude to good friends developed along the weigh and loves them unconditionally with full support.  What that means is that if you need my aid, i am there for you.  I will not unconditionally agree with your point of view - i will always take my own point of view with me and see how our different perspectives intersect to form a solution in new reality.

     Unconditional love without attachment to ego means that it is okay for us to disagree - i still love you.  My boundaries as a friend are simple - i tell the truth as i see it and you tell your truth as you see it and if we can't agree, we can agree to disagree and not allow it to affect other things.  The things that matter are people and their feelings, but not their egos and aggrandizations.  I love you, but if you are being an ass, i will call you an ass - in private, after we've got you howdt of trouble.

     To be there in the here and now, we follow our instincts.  The heart may say love and the brain may say crazy, but the guts firmly plant you in the sphere of right or wrong.  We are responsible for our own decisions, our own actions, our own thoughts.  We set a new point in the lattice of the aether each time we construct anew and standing by our senses is what enables us to make good decisions to allow that point to grow.

     Do I care?  Yes, very much.  Do I show I care?  Sometimes, depending on the situation.  Do I have common sense?  No - I am not common.  I do have sense.  I know exactly when it's Thyme to leave dodge, because the illusion begins evaporating around the seems.  When i get the feeling that something else is driving the agenda, I pack my backpack and head toward the next adventure.  I try to be welcome and say thank you and bring small gifts of immense value, like soap, herbs and healing solutions.

     Live and let live, with as gentle a footprint on the land is a reasonable philosophy.  The summer grounding at the hot springs allowed me to commune with nature and see first hand her enormous repertoire of critters, plants, mushrooms and forest duff on full display.  To be, in majestic presence was ossum - i lead a grand illusion of life when i choose to live in peace with joy outdoors.  Now back inside, doc has lots to say about reintegration back into 'normal' society - ain't gonna happen!  The world of doc and lemme will remain here in love, as other pick up the keys and drive the vehicle.

     When you get howdt here - I'll let you know.  Really - I will not have to - you will know for yourself.  Letting go and staying in the now means planning for a future you envision and working slowly toward personal goals that allow the achievement.  It follows to be supportive of every endeavor that your friends undertake - with a critical eye toward helping them achieve the goal on their pathweigh, not yours.  You do not have to agree - it is only your place to say your piece once and then bite your tongue - lessons have to be learned on a personal level, you can only save you.  You can help others - by listening and speaking truth.  Your truth.  A perspective on the truth.

     Is there absolute truth?  I think so.  Can we attain it?  Yes - from many different frequencies, the truth resonates true.  We can deceive ourselves, but truth becomes apparent as we gain experience and what we know now as absolute may be absolutely wrong, yet we don't know.  And that's okay, as long as you are here, now.  A philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat.  Choose one and live by it.

Namaste' .....  doc

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