October 16, 2013

Sacred Biochemistry

     There is so much to learn, when we sweep away our biases.  The vegetable kingdom gives us intuitive insight into the workings of the human body.  These images set forth a pattern of morphogenesis that repeats itself in different forms at various stages and scales.  When we know, as above, so below , as a definitive truth, then we can see images that are fractals of nature.

     Our preconception of internal dynamics often leads us to erroneous conclusions.  The educational system bias toward established status quo gives us the ability to assume that we know things that are just speculation.  There is an urgent need to clear the decks - to take some of the fundamental truths and question the hell out of them.  Water is a good place to start.

     Water is shared all over the earth, by everything that exists.  Doesn't it make sense then that water is the scale where consciousness originates.  We limit our thinking to life as only living and breathing, yet we totally know that fields exist in natural abundance.  Sheldrake's concept of morphogenesis combined with Pollack's postulates on water can lead to much innovation in changing the current parameters.  Exactness is a math concept - nature has pizzazz.  And little bit of wiggle room created by the uncertainty within our measurements.

     To weigh is to judge.  To observe and take measurements is an act of establishing discretion.  When we think about things and compare them to what they appear to be, we find that symmetry and illusion are tethered together to create an object that we value.  The value of discrimination by thought is that we get the things of our desires, rather than just getting things.  

     Some people don't get it and seem to believe that whoever dies with the most toys wins.  I don't think we ever die, in the traditional sense.  Our karma runs over our dogma and eventually we are enlightened enough to ascend.  The difference between free will and true will is the change between night and day.  You can do whatever you wish, but your actions are always constrained by the allocation of effects - the human path is spiral and repeats itself in form, thought never exactly the same weigh twice.

     Doc wishes to start formal discussion groups to look deeper into each field of interest.  We can apply chemistry to any perspective and see if the analogy holds.  Then other can look through different colored spectacles (no - no rose colored glasses) to see whether the information holds up in a different format.  The collation of opinion from different perspective will create the next mass illusion for us to enjoy.  Perhaps we can find peace, joy and love embedded in the context of life.

     Enjoy today .... namaste' ....  doc


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