October 15, 2013


    At 11:11, there were 1111 page views on the Jefferson Agronomic blog.   Believe in the magic - truth has a strange weigh of manifesting when you believe that any thing is possible and live in the moment of now.  I am learning a great deal about a lot of different things as the energy fields changes.  There seem to be resonant frequencies that enable my thinking on a grand illusionary scale.  ah, Styx...

     Currently reading The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcox - detailing the hero's journey that sticks us back into the current motif.  Each movie is created in a form that flows to direct specification because we have all been here before.  Need some Crosby Stills in the headphones - Deja Vu.  Makes good reading music.

     Just heard that 17 admirals and generals in the military were relieved of command the other day, including the dude with his finger on the button.  Either the fear mongering is getting worse, or a preemptive strike has been made at relieving the fedgov of their power.  The power of love is stronger than the power of war.  My friend Richard Alan Miller inquired as to why if they have shut down veterans memorials, they still have $$$ to spray chemtrails.  It is a very good question.

     If we all do what we are here to do, then by being here, now, we are fading away from the control state that is dissolving as we speak.  The threat of anarchy is insincere - what we need is sovereignty based on responsibility.  You can march to your own drum beat and vibrate at your own frequency, but please get on board to the light and stop taking yourself too seriously.  It doesn't really matter what I think, but when i think, i place full effort into thinking.  If you carry a torch - let it expire.

     The world is deeper than we have ever thought it could be.  What we take as science today is a gospel of theories that have proved measurable effects, while ignoring all non quantitative effects as part of the void.  In reality aether inhabits the void and light connects us through love - a very non-scientific term.  Doc wishes to explore how we know what we know and take for granted - that maybe there are other explanations from different perspectives.

     Truth be told, I seek truth for its own sake.  Let's create transparency of action by being tolerant of everybody's individual point of view.  There is no need for each of us to have the very same picture - the flavors and the colors of true diversity resonate when we listen to their theme.  The goal is to set up a media of exchange to create a handle on what becomes ... because the current becoming is nearly nigh.

     Namaste'    doc

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