October 05, 2013

Weigh Games

   The experiment is to take the pieces that we generate and mold the clay into pottery - the artist and the scribe elucidate the manner of being.  As we Zen, the game becomes a parameter measurement that fits the model.  Any model can be applied to meet the needs of the situation - we design the 'role-play' business, community or life relationship on the fly to be whatever it needs to be to fit the moment.  This is done by translating the sequences and code streams that carry information.  We then present material in a form that follows harmonic patterns and things that do not resonate, do not ring until they emerge from behaviors covered at lower fractal levels.

  When Doc is in the currents of flow of the 3-D whirled, he feels the obligation to make things change that are well beyond his personal control.  From the 5-D perspective of love - lemme understands that i can no longer devote time to projects that have no future beyond 3-D - the effort will be lost as the edge cuts through to the chase.

  What people believe is mostly what people were taught - the basis set 'reality' set up the conflicts that later must be resolved as nuance wreaks havoc with establishment thought.  We grow by transformation - by leaving behind old ideas that were incubated over the past centuries, as a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly - the same chemical compounds change form in the chrysalis and a being emerges in changed form from the being that once was there - is the mind of the being functional during the transition state?

  We tend to convince ourselves of the negative before we accept a change for the positive.  We deny ourselves 'undeserved' rewards, but then simmer in anger when our best work goes unnoticed.  The acceptance of service without attachment only works as a blessing when in service with love or will, not by force or expectation.  We can only do our part, not each others parts.

  As we look at the contrasting of the approach to life of the people that we love, we find that nobody really gets the same perceptions of events as you do.  No matter how evolved we think we are, our sight is given to interpretation of events, our perception.  We grow from each interaction with other persons and sometimes make changes in our attitudes on the fly, when we recognize within our gut the correctness of a statement or action.

  Individuals are all very important self-directed point lattices in the structure of the aether.  Each of us can think based on the knowledge that we have obtained.  Yet how many of us take the time to think through these personal changes in other areas of our thought.  When i change my perspective on water, then all liquid phases require the consideration of application to other phases of thought.  I now comprehend the dynamics of water a little better than i used to - water is not a simple molecule restricted to three modes of vibration.

  Water is sentience, the carrier of the knowledge of life.  If we each accept our colleagues perspective without arguing the semantic details, then we can appreciate the myriad of weighs that nature works to succeed at life.

Namaste'     Doc

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