October 03, 2013

The Why of the Sequestration

from LRC Blog

Truth Is Their Worst Enemy

Democrats, Republicans, and other statists continue gurgling the death-rattle of the state, seemingly in the hope that Boobus Americanus will find their desperate babblings convincing enough to effect a miracle cure for the disease that inheres in all of politics. President Obama has been on network television this morning telling his assorted ignoramuses that the reason government parks and other facilities are shut down is due to the failure of Republicans to do what he wants them to do. Were he an honest man – a quality that would have denied him the presidency – he could have spoken the truth: “we have shut down the parks, national monuments, and other government operations that you people actually want, in order to punish you for electing representatives who oppose me.” This is the same tactic California governmental bodies used years ago when the voters approved Proposition 13 – the measure that cut the power of the state to tax people’s homes. The next day, Californians were told that government parks, libraries, museums, etc., were being shut down. The purpose of this move – like that of the Obama administration today – was to punish voters for having had the arrogance to direct the policies of the State government.  Boobus must be kept subservient and obedient and, short of recalling to service the soldiers responsible for the My Lai massacre, the citizenry will not be allowed to enjoy what they have paid for.  Obama tells us that “essential government services” will not be cut during the make-believe shutdown. Were he more candid, he would have informed the boobeoisie that “essential government services” are those instrumentalities of state violence (i.e., police, military, prisons, etc.) whose maintenance “serves and protects” those in power.

If this “shutdown” drags on, look for other statist groups to add their own explanations. I suspect that the “global warming” (ooops, “climate change”) crowd – what I call “Gang Green” – will soon be issuing public statements blaming SUVs and luxurious lifestyles for the shutdown. Shall we soon see photos of polar bears and the Washington monument clinging to a rapidly shrinking body of ice?

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