October 07, 2013

Time Passages

What is real differs from what is reel - the division of the caste of characters is what is entertaining.  Where life will lead us is whatever we are open to.  Keep shining and smiling, by allowing your gut instincts to resolve queries between your heart and your mind.  Watch without attachment to the process - with intention to have the best results.  One key is to not force any issues by having a horse in the race.

Be amazed at what comes down and how it comes about, but do not be vested in the outcome or the ultimate form of the results.  We know that love wins when we dissolve our fears.  Let the illusion go and be ready to transform with new events as they occur.

The lines of time are blurred as events struggle to fulfill themselves in the light of transparent change.  I recently finished the Nebula-Award winning SF novel Timescape by Gregory Benford.  The plot has to do with messages sent from the future to the past that change the trajectory of the future.  The scientists have personalities and stresses from their interactions, but the key directions are changed - even Kennedy survives his assassination attempt.

The story written in 1980 avoids a global disaster involving climate change.  Here in 2013, we can see the effects of climate change, but we have no context in which to assign the blame - so we continue on in a lifestyle loop that traps us with the results of our prior efforts.  Chaos theory has an effect called the strange attractor, which changes the patterns from what always was to something completely different.

Each participant should have an intensity of focus in a particular field of interest.  For Doc, this field is chemistry and the background of the atoms combining to form molecules provides an imagery that provides context to larger scales.  We are all at human scale : if it cannot work at the scale of water molecules, then it cannot work on any scale larger.  The scale plays entirely like a musical scale - i often think that we could translate DNA as a musical chord and it would sing in character unto its host.  Now that we have recombinant DNA technology - called genetic engineering - methinks the cat is out of the bag and that we shall see some rapid evolution on the current timescape.

If we can relax our rigidity against movement backward in time and move toward a system of parallel similar time streams that are not fixed, but open to true will, then perhaps we can envision solutions to the problems created by the prior form of governance.  To look at the bio-scape of nature without the need to take the value and convert everything to cash value is the direction of our future on this strand.  An explanation of the abundance of natural resources within a limited use/wise use philosophy seems to be a transparent method of aligning with nature, rather than battling against.

I feel honored to be in league with many fine people.  Come share my joy at OAK for realists and at the GFP for dreamers.  With two unaffiliated organizations approaching from opposite directions, our knew reel-ality of illusion will change into a new reality of love and peace - where we can attempt any experiment to find out the results, rather than using science to prove a fact in an illusion.

Namaste'     Doc

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