October 01, 2013

Travel by Amtrak

There is nothing quite like train travel to create a micro-whirled. Doc arrived at the station at 12:10, but the train was delayed until nearly two by a tree down on the tracks in Western Oregon. The train made up an hour over the course of the day and is expected to land in another 45 minutes. A 20 hour layover and then the trip will continue through another overnight adventure. Then the work begins.

You meet all types of people on a train. I had very good luck today and had discussion partners that were into community development and education. I was able to invite several people out to the Existence website and to NWETI. There appears to be a supreme lack of confidence in the current education system – we desperately need to do something different from indoctrination into a failed economy.

I was able to burn though 530 pages of a Michael Crichton novel – Next. The book makes a strong case against gene patents and also looks at the inbred relationship between university scientists and the genetics industry, The conclusion that congress made a mistake in allowing intellectual property rights to university researchers. The free flow of information is completely stifled by allowing patents to interfere with the free flow of knowledge.

Colleges are a waste of time, unless you know the specific field of study that you wish to pursue. The costs are extreme for the technical training, which for many youth is just a degree in party. There are a lot of good thinkers, but the basis of knowledge is skewed by a belief system based on facts that may not really be factual. We urgently need to look deep at the basis of many professions and reorganize from a profit motif to universal love.

If we take actions based on love, then we can look out for all the species on Gaia. The amount that we put in is a contribution of value that need not be monetary – we need to have options that do not involve expense and we desperately require the ability to opt out into some other form of economics. The train is a marvelous way to meet people and the expense is much less than driving one own rig the same distance. The captive audience is made of travelers – people are not as strange when they all have a common situation to deal upon.

Let's all work to find common solutions to current challenges in food, climate and peace. Let's stop using genetically modified foods, let's stop spilling oil into our gulfs, let's stop putting nuclear reactions on fault lines and in earthquake zones. It is time to clean up our rivers and stop using them as pollution receptacles. The amount of lead from fishing sinkers alone should be considered a crisis, not to mention that we now can measure pharmaceuticals and other medical metabolites in our common water supplies.

We need to challenge all assumptions and verify all facts as facts. If we each use our expertise in or own areas to come up with effect process to address the weak links, then we can maybe find a better sum of all the parts. We need a diversity of approach, not a one size fits all method that chases the almighty federal reserve note at the expense of all other values. The world is changing for the better – let's relish the abundance of weighs to create this change of approach.

In love and light … namaste' ... doc

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