November 15, 2013

Are we there yet?

   Memories of days past bring images of prolonged car rides on vacation to Florida or some other destination resort.  Over time, I learned to drive cross country - taking different weather dependent routes pending the time of year.  After moving west, the distances between things make driving periods essential and these past few years, the I-5 corridor has been a yo-yo string for me.  Drive from Oregon to Colorado and Montana each covered over a thousand miles.  The road is a place to think quietly and watch the whirled go buy.

   The intermix of people always focuses on a conversation about something.  The depth of the talk is proportional to the depth of though placed into the topic.  Reading is a depth level deeper than listening - typical education emphasizes a knowledge base that can be tapped into using a variety of techniques, each with its own bonuses and flaws.  The time spent involved can be multiplied by intensity of focus to give a measurement handle on coverage of the accepted knowledge base.

   Ah, there's the rub.  The term 'accepted' has different meaning in every field.  The idea of continuing education to keep people up on the new knowledge in their field is also a rattrap to sequester them away from really thinking about the mechanism of what is happening by their doing.  That knowledge comes only from the government monopoly of the education system is a laughable myth - except that the sources are carefully controlled to paint a single elaborate picture of reality.  The language we speak is formed by persons who manipulate the meaning of the words.

   This summer in nature without lots of driving, or dealing with people, gave me a different perspective for the use of my thinking time.  I was able to appreciate the vast differences in locale that nature provides as a scenario for life.  The forest duff has a smell and a texture that just calls to us to breathe fresh air and drink clean water.  Our bodies know what is good - i find it funny that my vices of weed, wine, chocolate and coffee all turn out to be very good for the body.  I also feast on organic mushrooms, onions, garlic, herbs and spices - whole foods that give me integrated strength to be fit.

   Not to mention sunshine.  The vitamin D produced when UV reacts with structured water in a cellular environment is awesome.  Vitamin C and co-enzyme Q also act as supplemental anti-oxidants to keep the process of creating the body's internal climate running.  Health is a state of mind - keeping open to weighing many different variables and metrics to determine what combination works well and by all means - be open to something better.  Change is coming; keep a handle on the criteria offered by contrasts of duality ending, like light and dark.  Be of your own alignment, consistent in thought and deed.  And share the love, feel the energy and glow in the new day.

   By the weigh - we are almost there.

   Namaste' ...  doc

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