November 03, 2013

Aspire : the Natural Weigh

  Tune in, turn on, drop out.  Getting away from the illusion is a matter of pursuing your direct interests.  The amount of time you give to things that no longer matter affects you ability to get your own work done.  Sometimes the work is not as important as being in the now.  Today is the second eclipse - the energies are so high in frequency that the result will be earth-shattering.

  Gaia knows.  The shake, rattle and roll that we hear is the transformation of agenda, from the prior established dynamic equilibrium, through the tipping point where the thermodynamics change, followed by a reset of all the things that till matter as we reestablish consistency in a new ground state.   Some of the things that we know will be changed, other things that we didn't expect will have happened and we will require a measured response.  The suspicious observer, following sunspots and earthquakes, informs people of what is, in terms of what we think should be.  The time where we can tell is near.

  The important thing most under personal control is self health.  If you are dependent on medication, find a weigh to create that medication without the pharmacy - there are lots of natural herbs that provide the equivalent medicine without the isolation from other temporizing factors.  Pure adrenaline is mitigated by other natural products produced in tandem by the body - artificial sustenance by medical technology is too costly to distribute fairly and not a reasonable focus of small science.  Triage will be the focus - the immediate need gets the response.

   The best weigh to start is with control of your diet.  Organic is as good as it gets right now - if you don't follow a protocol for growing your own dinner, then you need to be able to see that the developer of your food does follow something that ensures good fealty to nature.  Raising rabbits worked well for me in the past - i do not get very much meat in the diet today, because the mass produced chicken, beef, pork and fish all have their fringes soiled by methods of the madness.  I prefer to eat something that mooed at me when it was alive.  FukuFish from the Pacific just do not thrill me any longer.

  The vegetables and fruits live for our pleasure - they vibrate at frequencies that allow our waters to intermingle.   I eat less and enjoy more - taking the time to show gratitude for the offering.  The thoughts that we have guide our lives - the healthier we can keep our bodies, the more satiated our soul, in joy and love, with peace and wisdom.  Blessing the food helps too.

   If you feel good about yourself, and you ignore the media pressure to involve yourself in the collective angst of the swirling dervish of cognitive dissonance; the drummer that sets your beat has a pace of display to coax you into free will and the new energies.  Do not be attached to what was, remain open and transparent and allow yourself to glide on the effervescent wave of novel creation - to get to wherever we get to so that we can be in the light of the day.  Feel the wind.  Be free.

   Namaste' ...  doc

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