November 10, 2013

Guest Editorial

Why Does Hemp Oil Heal So Many Things?

by Aamann Degarth

In working with hemp oil for close to 6 years now and after seeing miracle after miracle being facilitated with the use of this gift from the heavens, I have been pondering what is the source of our distress that is showing up is so many varied forms as disease.

It has dawned on me that there has to be something that is common to our ailments that hemp oil is addressing or it would not be the force for healing it has shown up to be. I believe I addressed some of these questions in my YouTube video on hemp oil and cellular microbiology:

The conclusions drawn from that video I still believe and if anything have gathered even more evidence to confirm the hypothesis presented therein.  

If you don’t have access to youtube, that video documented a conversation I had with a gal that had just graduated with a degree in cellular microbiology.  I presented her with the hypothesis that the common denominator to all illness was stress and that the reason hemp oil seemed to work for so many things across the board was because by feeding the endocannabinoid system on a regular basis, our bodies were finding a different, more holistic way of dealing with stress, that life-taking aspect of our lives.  

There are a lot of aspects of our society that are not wholesome and do not give us reason for comfort.  I would venture to guess most aspects are stress generating and as such are not healthy.  If you spend time watching the news, you will not feel comfort.  That is not what is told in the news unless it is a 1 minute piece at the end of the broadcast to send you home with a sliver of hope.

In the Rastafarian belief system (forgive my brevity), there is an underlying belief that mankind has to endure a certain amount of suffering in life and that the loving Jah (God) gave us ganja in order to endure this suffering with wisdom and compassion.

Indeed I have found throughout my life that if I am troubled in mind about anything, I can smoke with a brother and talk about what is going on in a supportive way that leads to a solution that is both satisfying and peaceful for all parties concerned.  Sometimes just walking away is the best course of action but it is hard to see that when you are caught up in the emotion of the situation.  Getting high is not just a stoner term.  You are actually elevating yourself to a perspective that is higher than the trouble you saw in the lower elevations of perception.

Not only is that happening but if you are by yourself, the vibe of being high will attune you to your higher self which is the source of everything.  Life sometimes deals us lemons but the dealer is always our higher selves.  It can be hard to understand what is going on in truth when you are in the midst of an emotional conundrum.  Get past the stress, attune to the source of the storm and find out it’s purpose.  Thereby comes transcendence. Of ANY problem or condition. 

We came from a source that loves us and wants the best and highest for us.  If our life is not a reflection of that in every facet of our expression, it is time to find what the lesson is here and move on to higher ground.

All illness has an emotional component that lies behind it.  When we are not at ease, we are in varying degrees of dis-ease.  We may not see it or feel it immediately but rest assured that wherever your genetics has put in a less than perfect showing will show you where you need help. Every organ has an emotional correlation. It has been found that women with breast cancer have a common emotion denominator of being in fear of losing their partner. Finding out the emotional component behind your particular malady can be central to getting past the effect.

There are miracles happening all over the globe to help us in our re-integration with peace within.  If we have had parts of or bodies that have removed by surgical or other means, they can be regenerated.  Check out Creation of the Universe trilogy by Arkady Petrov or Grigori Grabovi’s work. We have what we need to heal ourselves and our planet but we cannot access that healing without having a baseline of peace to create (or re-create as it were) the wholeness that is our birthright.

This is one of the blessings the miracle plant gives us: a space to re-align, create and choose again if our course has taken us astray. A mistake is just that- a mis-take. Forgive yourself, align with the will to do a better job of it next time and hopefully have a laugh about the whole situation to put it into it’s proper perspective- it is now history.

This is another proven aspect of our awesome endocannabinoid system: the capacity to help us to forget memories that are not serving us.  How incredible is that? Someone had their thinking cap on when they designed this plant and that is not even to mention the multi dimensional aspects of this plant on a level to serve mankind outside of our psycho/spiritual/physical benefits.

I am so blessed to have this plant in my life.  Thank you Cannabis. As you grow and flourish in the future I can see mankind and the planet healing and growing into the light right alongside you.

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