November 06, 2013

How to Heal

Healing is the process of bringing your body, mind and soul together to protect the individual entity.  It requires being grounded - to calmly set all your physical settings into default operation mode.  Sleep allows us to time out the constant processes, while meditation brings us into a trance that senses the flow without consciously being impacted by the physics.

Quietly feel the circulation of your blood system spreading fluid to create dynamics of life.  Blood is mostly water, with dissolved electrolytes and hemoglobin, along with a multitude of other materials that are being transported from one place to another.  You can measure your pulse, which implies the rate of your heart beat - which is relative to your situation and actions.

When you begin to meditate, turn inside of yourself, go deeper into the feel of the context of the parts of your body.  Notice your breathing pattern, is it shallow or deep?  Some meditations start with deep breathing - clearing your lungs with deep internal pulls and total exhales - pushing that last bit of carbon dioxide out before the next breath inward.  Turn off the mind, count with fingers and toes - while letting the mind relax in the realm of quietude.

Each image that comes in can be dismissed as a thought and set off until later.  I tend to like quiet meditation rather than music or guides, but sometimes, the spirits enter into the meditation and a process happens that takes me into another world.  The inebriation is akin to a good hallucination on peyote or psyllocybes, yet only lasts until something brings me out of the trance state.  Seventeen breaths while keeping focus on feelings of love - if i find myself thinking about anything, i refocus thought to the word love.  Sometimes i add peace and joy.

As for healing medications - a new paradigm is near.  The idea that medicine has to be extracted and isolated and put into a pill in pure form is a convenient myth brought to you by the folks vested in big pharma.  The industrial level brainwashing has all but conquered our knowledge of healing effects of foods, herbs and spices.  You do not need the red pill, nor do you need the blue pill to open your eyes to what you place into your body.

The latest research demonstrates that water affects all biology significantly, at every level.  Big, duh!  Structured water is the latest greatest fad - but deep below the hard sell is a very soft sell - structured water is good for you.  Not necessarily the pH adjusted basic water like Kangen water, but general filtered, structured water through device or additive is well worth the effort.  A Wei Wu device acts with a pour through funnel generating spiral flow - similar to Victor Schauberger's flow forms of the 1950's.  Try to avoid municipal tap water or use a charcoal filter to remove ions, additives and overflow.  There also is Ormus ...

Doc is a major advocate of medicinal marijuana.  A future post will detail some of the reasons and introduce a new product that is being developed in Colorado - where pot is legal.  The whole area of extracted oils deserves further investigation.  The hundreds of related ring structures in the vaporized smoke are much more effective because the endocannibanoid system of the body is set up as the mechanism for moderating pain relief.  This is why we meditate and medicate - to gain control of our response to internal change.  Hemp Oil is more than just marinol, by orders of magnitude.  But big pharma says ....

The choice is ours - we have to have a sense of what it is that we expect.  If we are not realistic in that expectation, we are bound to fail.  However, we learn from our mistakes and continually weigh new evidence that leads us to the conclusions that we come to.  Solutions to problems are a thought process aweigh from where society is today, yet by delving inward rather than outward, we gain a modicum of control and can express that as love, peace, joy and radiance.  Then we can refocus on correcting the ills of empires lost, from a better perspective.

Namaste'  ...  doc

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