December 28, 2013

A Quick Note

There is something going on in the validation process that seems terribly inconsistent with the weigh that things are transforming.  As i contemplate the real, i am continually bombarded by inconsistent messages from the past that wish for me to recognize and remain in the state of fear that the illusion is puking up.  For the record - please do not send me to sites like Alex Jones - i get there enough by following loose threads.   Fear is not a motivator and scared people telling me what i have to do are not likely to affect my behavior. 

I will not suffer fools games, when the fools refuse to see reason.  The more we focus on the silly police state, the more that silly police state becomes real and i cannot absorb another reality beyond my own. Pull the plug - the uber games are over - they cannot control us without our consent.  Do not recognize any power over you and there is none.

My friends at GFP seem to have been hijacked back into 3D mode.  The recognition that we are not of this whirled construct and not bound by the conventional happenings was once a premise of their existence; now - every article seems to be about the illusion.  Bad form folks - return to love.  Stop telling people what to believe, just believe what you believe and get to doing your own work.  Only a few solid beings seem immune ... it's so easy to drift back into the 3D illusion.

Since we do have to be in the society, there are some weighs to surf the illusion and get to the place where you can just be.  First, place yourself in a comfortable location.  Find friends that are content in themselves and do not need to converse all the time for validation.  Detach yourself from the need to control anything and keep away from set schedules that force you to be at a place when you are not there.  Plan to be with enough room to change directions when the flow shifts.  Let go of the attachment to all things.

My flow just shifted and now it is time to go  Namaste' ... doc

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