December 09, 2013

Animalistic Thinking

   On the train westward, i had the opportunity to read a novel - Lovelock - by Orson Scott Card and Kathryn H. Kidd.  The story is from the point of view of a sentient chimpanzee that serves as a witness to populating a new planet.  It reminded me of a Daniel Quinn story - the idea that animals are sentient is a theme that is a reality concept.

   Should people treat animals differently than they treat each other?  Can we generate enough simple kindness to all living beings and assume that they are self-acknowledging?  I have had some amazing pets during the time i have been on earth - they have been much kinder than many of my human acquaintances. 

   To me - the level of sentience seems to be water.  Everything on earth that is water based has more molecules of water than the sum of all the rest.  We are thinking sacks of water - how we interact is encumbered by the freedom of flow and form.  Keeping hydrated is the best way to keep good health and structured water is an awesome form of keeping that water available to your system.

   I believe that animals know how to communicate through telepathy over the signal resonances of water molecules bound in certain forms.  Humans likely have this telepathy too, yet we train it out of ourselves as we learn to walk and talk.  Babies notice things that they cannot talk about - by the time they can talk, they have been overloaded with adult baby babble.  Just talk normal to babies and they understand, just like pets.

   Adults humans never quite understand - we already know, whether we really know or not.  It is just the way it is.  To under stand is to take a lesser position to some form of authority.  It grinds us.  Yet none of us have really had any say toward any structural mechanism that we are forced to use.  There is a need for human personal sovereignty that matches the animal kingdom - where no animal person is restricted by not having the appropriate form of currency.

    Some interesting happenings are occurring, where a full conversation on governance on every fractal level may be in order.  As for now, I have some technical work to bring together some new concepts that are intriguing to consider.  More on that very soon.

Namaste' .....  doc


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