December 31, 2013

Breaking the Limits

We can believe anything that we wish to believe, but that does not make it true.  Each construct has a different play that manifests itself based on expectation value that we present.  We grok the concept that gravity makes things fall down, yet that is a semantic that could be redefined if new language changed the meaning of quadrants of space.  We are at the point where our current system of rules and order is breaking bad - yet this seems to be a good thing no matter how much unfounded fear is generated along the weigh.

Our ability to create is contingent upon our ability to predict and diffuse expected events and effects.  The whole process is the entire process - each piece and parcel has to be made to work and optimized individually.  At each level of scale, new appearance and behaviors manifest and emergent behaviors can be widely unpredictable.

The whole is made up of the entire sum of the parts.  When the shit hits the fan, the time has come to tun up the fan rotor speed.  Feedback is a form that tells us when to make changes and course corrections.  Listening has become an artform, as people seem to like to talk and spend their time thinking about what they are going to say next - people talk past each other and function to excite when they hear certain buzz words.  Rebellious nature is subdued by the canned responses to stroke pet grievances - somebody is always there willing to deflate your bubble by telling you how it is in their under standing.  There is no need for any individual to stand under or over another.

One key to avoid the mayhem is to be true to self.  As we build new weighs of thinking about old challenges, we have to be careful to keep the thoughts self-consistent and not bring out of true, parables from the lands left behind during the change.  Just because something used to always work one way, doesn't mean that it still works that way today.  Evaluation of process is important - what is the goal that you are trying to accomplish by taking the specific set of actions?   If you don't know, stop acting. 

The time has come to change the movie.  In the game of gang-up in groups and take out individuals, the groups won.  Once the supremes declared corporations to be people, it left people without the shield of law and consciousness was altered in many nasty ways.  The manifestation we need is to pull away from group think and empower individuals to do what they can do from each of their different perspectives.  People need to get in sync, rather than collecting about the drain of the current sink.  Formal power is assumed by action and does not bring order - light provides energy to create chaos to alter the mix - to achieve a different path from the falling empire of dollar signs.  Let it go - it is a good thing to change.  

The Fibonacci sequence of the golden mean ratio starts with two ones.  From zero, then one, then one again, then two.  The error bars are plus or minus one.  Thus - each small number has a lot of shades of gray, as the noise can be as large as the signal.  The ratio of the numbers converge as the numbers get larger in the sequence - the error becomes less significant as the scale inflates.  The scales relate in a multiplicative factor of 1.6 - by the eighth scale we start seeing harmonic convergences.  How many scales are there?  It seems to be a Mobius Strip - an infinite loop with two distinct sides in play.  

The two ones can be an allegory for the individual and the group.  Ospensky had three lines where a person can only handle two at a time - work being the third line that was a subset somewhere in the middle of self and all.  The comfort level of working in the small group meant that the individual focus of the 'other' line would be either self or the whole collective - an artificial choice imposed by the need for corporations to make us all work to live.  No other species pays their weigh in artificial contrivances like money.

Level is a function of altitude, aptitude and attitude - each individual has tasks that can be modeled by monitoring individual performance measure.  These measures should be separate from the tasks that are being accomplished - but specific to an area of thought that has major context over the broad spectrum of action.  Sports has very good performance measurement and thus a healthy fan base that can watch a game and grok who is doing well by the nature of the statistics, without the need to even see the game being played.  How come our schools fail so miserably in valid performance measurement?  Perhaps because the goals of schools are not to develop the thoughtful individual, but rather to establish a manageable group think.

Currently, spin seems to have captured most thought.  Loss economics via attachment to material things drives a corporate consumer economy that is at war with nature.  This conflicts with personal needs for simple grokkable process and allowance to be.  We need to lose the programming, dampen the ego and take on enlightened purpose - to create a transparency such that we can tell truth - fact over fiction with no elaborate scenarios.  Then maybe we can have a chance at solving some real challenges that are beyond our current carefully embedded limits.  As individuals and parts of a working whole - not in small divided groups of people carrying out specific agendas.

Namaste' ...  doc    Have a happy new year.

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