December 11, 2013

Building Trust

Trust accumulates as a result of many meetings, where people learn to deal with the quirks and quarks of other people.  Each individual person has a unique perspective and every sentient being considers itself to be a person.  The respect we show toward working together can be mitigated quickly by a single snide remark.

Each of us has the responsibility to be true to ourself.  We are all one and we are each one and we seldom have the chance to be unique while congregating with the hoards.  A redefinition of work and play could allow better interrelations, but listening to each other and working together will get things rolling.  As soon as we turn off the television.  As soon as we turn off the whirled.

The science and consciousness group met last night to consider the state of the world.  With Gaia as my friend and confidant, i shared my perspective of perfection within order and chaos - what is is what is and our perspectives notwithstanding - we are all here in the same situation.  The teams are forming and the goals are clarifying - people are coming with expectation values that need to be left behind - everything is new.  Or Gnu.

Old friends and new friends each have their roles - healing modalities will be shared - new weighs and old ways will morph into fields that have yet to be developed.  The wavelengths are embedded over the entire spectrum - how fibonacci varies as a function of scale empowers nature for the wiggle room it requires to allow nature to be nature. 

Numbers are quantitative : those same numbers bear qualitative information too.  The key is to understand relationships - both in science and in inter-personal dealings.  Chemistry and sociology are really fractals of the same world.

Namaste' ...  doc

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