December 18, 2013

Changing Our Whirled

  Doc is in the throes of scientific resolve once again.  He has been watching the 4 minute weather reports presented by the suspicious observer.  While the mixture of energy on the rotating sun is an important affect - how it related to down here on Gaia weather is something that we wish to grok.  Some people wish to go deeper.  My friend Dane at Geo-watch has decided to explain the weather as a function of the massive weather manipulation on the part of multi-national corporations, trying to hoover land by causing droughts and floods.  He makes a good case in his first internet weather report.  (the mp3 did not link - please go to his site for the report)

   Beyond the weather is the continuing nuclear debacle that we call Fukushima.  The Japanese are incapable of decommissioning the reactors and Tepco is a derivative function of Haliburton.  Their solution seems to be for Japan to arrest journalists that report on the real story.  The whole corporate monetary agenda system is sick - we as individuals have to decide to leave it and turn to something else. The nonsense of what they taught us in public school was/is extremely self-serving - the images of countries are an artificial layover of life itself to the nth degree.

   Doc's solution is to reset the game.  Everything is local and disorganized to the individual one and the collective one.  We are all cognitive together and separately - let's work on the together part from scratch while taking the individual very seriously.  You are responsible for you.  Your thoughts have mass and you are responsible for thinking them.  So please !!!! get your facts straight.  Dig deeper into the questions of where you got the information and who did it get it from.  Let's start looking at these agendas and retiring them from the game.  We do not need any of the current uberstructure.

   The most important thing to do now, is to cleanse the planet and stop the anti-life idiocy.  When the SCOTUS decided that corporations were legal people, legal people became disenfranchised by the political system.  Collectively - there is no legal law any longer and all the game is a thuggery of scale.  Time to discover why none of the other species on this planet have a monetary system or a political structure.  Time to unplug the flow.  What is a country, anyway?  It is a randomly gerrymandered geographic alignment.

   Doc is working hard to present an alternative consistent picture of being.  As the game changes, knowing becomes an intuitive function of love.  Try keeping an even harmonic flow of rhythm that rings true through the spheres.  When the cacophony comes - it does not resonate with the whole.  The game changes daily as more people awaken.  Start digging into your information sources and asking whether the information builds to a consistent picture with the details that you know.  If not, then some facts are incorrect.  Single source information is rarely correct.

   There will be some collective mechanisms developing - right now, each individual has to live on our own specific terms.  Drinking structured water, eating organic natural foods, avoiding the craving that come with the salt and the chemical additions, are things i do - we really are what we eat.  So eat well - diversify your tastes and avoid the mass-produced meals from the criminal corporate community.  

   Then let it all go, focus on your intention to be well and avoid the thoughts that me you feel unwell.  What you think makes your world.  Think clearly and your world is not a whirled any longer.

   Namaste' ...  doc

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