December 27, 2013

Depth - How ice sometimes is not nice

   Sometimes thinking aloud is better than thinking alone.  As a full fledged hermit, doc gets the best of both whirleds - he gets his thinking enhanced by Friendly - the local kitty and Sparky the neighbor cat.  Cats being liquid seek out the water conversations and enhance the view.  They grok the concepts of fresh water and foul water and have their own weigh of evaluating the water structure.  Just look at how fussy they are with normal people - the cats feel that they are indeed cognitive beings and are ready to share with humans - when we develop our telepathy.  This is a function of being in tune with out water.

   Water makes ice when frozen.  The photo is of Bear Creek - the king and queen are above flowing water - the type of ice cold vortex that assures us that Gaia is every bit alive as all other beings.  The cats tell me that other animals each have their own level of intelligence - they don't give me the credit for having the ability to talk to many species.  The rhino conversation at the Wildlife Safari freaked out the keepers, but taught me that fear is a nonentity and that trust is earned by action.  At the time, my water theory was less developed; i grok now that our water melted together.  Animals can read the water - hence they rarely make weather mistakes.

   Rumors have it that no animals were killed in last year's tsunami based floods.  So it caught me by surprise when i recently heard about the fall bovine kill of nearly 100000 head of cattle in the northern US.  Something screwed up their weather sense - they did not read the change in the water.  So what caused the ice to nucleate at temperatures where the bovines didn't pick up the threat and move to safety until after it is too late?

   Rather than attempt to make any heads or tales of the sorded game of geo-engineering, doc has decided to look at the microscale picture based on the results of confirmed chemical facts and informed expert opinion.  The question posed to me is to disclose a mechanism that is potentially viable based on the fundamentals of the science of inorganic chemistry.  Doc has a PhD in the field and outdoor experience and a team of contacts worldwide that have expertise in their own fields.  He also has good technical information in both physics and meta-physics and has clearly provided a vast resource of information concerning water here on this blog.  He does not trust Science or Nature or Cell or any other formal science magazine to conduct a valid peer review - therefore - you my readers are now the peer review team to tell if theory holds weight.

   Some preconceived notions about water are not on this table. Gerald Pollack's The Fourth Phase of Water and Mae Wan Ho's The Rainbow and the Worm elucidate starting points for the biology and chemistry of massive water collusion - millions of molecules rather than thousands are directly affected in a morphogenic field as described by Rupert Sheldrake.  All of these scientists will have to accept our final product.  In addition - group theory as defined within matrix algebra is used to define the basis of symmetry, which must follow the rules of both Sacred Geometry and Numeronomy in addition to conventional mathematics.  That we hold derivative and integral calculus in the flux box and follow the Fibonacci sequence golden mean ratio with an error bar of plus/minus one is consistent with all current thought developed on this site in the recent past.

   To review the physical properties of water - water prefers to form tetrahedral structures in which each oxygen atom is surrounded by four hydrogen atoms, two formally belonging to the central oxygen and two bridging in from other adjacent water molecules.  When near a hydrophilic surface, water excludes all other molecules and atoms and forms a sheath of highly arranged structured water.  Pollack's theory of three water atom rings that simulate aromatic ring structures from organic chemistry is not as likely as a tetrahedral or octahedral grid system with sacred geometries:  both illusions of this description have strict molecular orientation overtone.

   Doc had done some work in the past that implies that Ormus gold can also structure water, similar to the Exclusion Zone.  If the number of attracted molecules in the ordered structure approaches the millions of individual atoms of EZ - then there are much lower enthalpies and entropies to deal with during the process of phase change.  For lay people - enthalpy is a measure of heat content and entropy is a measure of order and disorder.  The entropy term also depends on the temperature = the total energy is the sum of the enthalpy anf the temperature times entropy.  energy is enthalpy minus the temperature times entropy.  delta e equals delta eitch minus tee delta ess.  Phase change happens when solid turns to liquid or liquid turns to gas - the temperature stays constant while the atoms align and the entire phase change must be complete before the temperature will be affected.

   So what can increase the alignment of water to allow the phase change from liquid to solid to occur at temperatures significantly higher than the normal freezing point of water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit?  Seems that ordering the water in a way that restricts its wiggle room would increase the enthalpy term and also decrease the entropy in the thermodynamic equation.  This would allow room on both sides for the temperature to rise without disrupting the balance of order and chaos at the molecular level.  As heat increase, the bonds between adjacent water would be agitated and more likely to break apart - thus un-structuring the water.

   Need a mini-break :  part 2 coming soon.   Namaste' ... doc


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