December 16, 2013

Fibonacci Swirl

Falling into the cusps of space
Where time is a lost virtue on an empty sun
Fractals away from the scene of the crime

There's another there out there
When we get to the path of the light
The acute angle requires a look back
An over shoulder glance reveals the weigh
A mirror into self from the view of another

Waves compress to carry information
Sequences flow as signals to other realms
Infinities appear when congruence falters
Process time elapses into sloe gin fizz
Seeking answers, the hermit delves inward
To a place where trial and error reigns
To do a task is to transverse a mobius strip
Returning back to the same place and time again

Mother God - dearest one, being there to feel
Incredible energies of love establishing form
Flowing goddesses circulate in their own spheres
Interacting upon borrowed space with ulterior notions
Of calm antiquity of never ever more
Singing in a form that resonates love ever-present
Carrying changes that are only revealed
By losing the ego, and the ego of your ego's ego
Others owning up to their own frailties
Giving aweigh their reason by believing in unity
As a confluence rather than a bindu point
Form strikes the mind, taking strength away from love
Dissolving in a void of expansiveness - awaiting solace

She is owned by another, not comfortable alone
Me, I meddling in all quite sovereign affairs
By circulating within my own thoughtress
Connected to the aethersphere
Spinning around a different concentric circle

I will find the weigh, thru the dense thicket
Misaligned skew at frantic pace
Except that we circulate rhetorically about ego-self

Let it go - let it grow - let it flow - i dunno
The mist shears thru the fog as purple haze

And thyme wears on - tis time to go, to go.

lemme howdt  2013  cc

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