December 25, 2013

from Both Sides Now

  The dichotomy of modern life requires that we be able to keep two dissimilar thoughts consistent in our minds.  The battle of objective knowledge has taken on different dimensions - there is positive news and negative news.  To dwell on one in the absence of the other is to not have a complete picture of the dynamics of change.  We all have to believe exactly what we need to believe and stop enforce our whirled perspective upon each other.

  Being a realist, Doc can see major efforts to identify the problems that we as people face, while at the same time taking a positive attitude toward the fact that we can fix the problems - after the causes of these problems are correctly evaluated.  The bloggosphere has become a news media.  Since we cannot trust the lamestream media for our news, we must scan the internet for tidbits of truth that flesh out our individual perspectives.  We need each of us thinking our own weighs - putting together pieces that we believe that can be corrected by better availability of facts as we find them.  We can take either side of any dualistic approach - my pair at this time seems to be strange and charmed.  You can use plus/minus, up/down, in/out - any yin/yang pair should work.

  Doc is a scientist - this used to be a badge of honor.  Today - it gives false security to people who want desperately to believe things that they don't truly understand.  Here is an insight - you never have to understand what you believe.  To stand under is to accept blindly- not a situation that you should ever have to endure.  You should never under stand the legal system, because they then assume the right to make your decisions for you - through a robed pretender that has no power outside the governance structure. If science worked through a governance structure - then they would be legislating gravity and you would pay to breathe the air.  (oh, really?)

  Lemme is a poet - a free thinker that refuses to let go of inconsistency.  The sacred geometry of the universe is balanced symmetrically - when something unique happens, it breaks the symmetry and allows the creator to feel something different.  Time exists as a construct that keeps us from tripping over ourselves.  We have total control of how we spend our time, as long as we do not give that time away.  Work for pay usurps the ability to free-think : but in this society one absolutely needs to pay the costs (bills for services that we buy recurrently, rather than once forever: why).  When not specifically attributed - lemme will speak in parentheses.

  Doc and lemme are opposite sides of a single coin.  They will not argue with each other, but they will restrict the opinion of the other.  Einstein once claimed that problems can not be solved in the mindset that they were created - we are stepping howdtside da baax in order to approach the exactness of science and math from a fuzzy logic perspective.  As i watch television today on christmas - i can see that this box is completely worthless for anything more than entertainment.  It is not capable of supplying information.  Nor is the school system.  We have to resource back to simple fact - measured accurately as a function of scale.

  Two items:  First - water is.  doc will continue to view life from the perspective of water and engage his energy from the converse direction.  To this end, the ice storms in this country are not natural.  The water is being played with chemical agents - i plan to think out loud here in the blog to explain the mechanism based on facts that nobody wishes to add together.  We have to add, before we can do calculus folks.  Numbers have meaning.  To catch you up - here is the second GeoEngWatch 'weather report'.  Than you Dane and Bridgette.  { No link found traditionally : paste into your browser.}

  Second -  We can make the world into anything that we wish just by changing the movie.  Be an actor in the role of you rather than being you and it gives you a layer of filtration that you can apply.  If you take a positive attitude and assume that things will work themselves out while you pay attention to other things, then that is exactly how it will happen.  Humans are great at self-fulfilling prophesy - don't allow emotions to fool your ego into tyranny.  Let things go when they are not in your domain to affect.  Restrict your domain and defer to folks who know better - especially when you know what they are.  What you think is your own responsibility - think wisely and use wisdom.

Namaste' ...  doc


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Namaste' Doc/Lemme!

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24 Dec 2013 "Scientists to Image Black Hole by Turning Earth into Giant Camera"