December 14, 2013

Howdt of Sorts

Traveling irritates the psyche and causes mental abilities to diminish due to insertion of major cognitive dissonance.  Interaction becomes catch as catch can as agendas are enables by the diversity of unrequested thought.  We become the substance of other persons dreams and are at the mercy of strange environs.  The food that we like, prepared how we like, is a distant memory sans the personal kitchen.  How quickly things change as they always stay the same.

So now, a week into a month long journey - the terms of change have become apparent.  The here that was left here is no longer here, when i am there.  My removal from the scene allowed other works to progress to fill the void and i find myself a stranger in paradise - leading a charmed existence on another plateau.  The animals speak a different dialect.

The new rolls in as the old flows away.  The personal seems as is is no longer attractive - the weigh that i pursue my goals is one phase out of step with the current semi-reality.  The cold chill that encumbered the landscape is finally melting off into the throngs of a new weigh, a new day and a change of personal perspective that allows this to become a final retrospective of an era past - never to return in quite the same style.

Peeps are afraid of their shadows and no longer play in the light of the sun.  The fear factor is an illusionary tale where the eyes on the prize were stolen from where the focus should have been.  Letting go of the emotions and straddling the limits is forcing changes that will result in different landscapes for personal endeavor.  The global perspective shifts from Gaian point of view.

The light carries love embedded in the core vibrations.  Each harmonic consists of eights spaced apart in a dimensional array, repeated over many scales of distance and time. Relative is within context and truth is absolute - unless it is not.  We wish we could discern truth in all situations, but alas, we are merely the sum of our waters.  My cup of tea from Mt. Shasta headwaters and Mama's feel good leaves is mellowing me into another outstanding day of aligning my quest to Gaia's tones.

The music is a subsurface for the harmonic reaches to amplify to the visible audio spectrum. Each of us relates to our own perspective and can isolate deep into our self for a hyper-extended seance : we meditate to reach the inside self to turn the inside out - to change the point of view.  We let go of our individual ego to become part of the unity whole :  this whole depends upon us all keeping that perspective unique - so that all of our reflective faces shine in the light of the change.  Groupthink will always be groupthink - trust your personal view and be flexible enough to alter the lenses.

We are they and i am you and we are all together.  See how they run like pigs from a gun - it's all illusion.  The pretense drops and what have we got left - the here and now.  Is Paul still dead?  Enjoy the season and I'll catch you on the rebound.

Namaste' ...  doc

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