December 24, 2013

I think, I think ... I think

   Home for the holidays with good friends and warm cheer.  I finally have the time to visit with my friend Armando - the developer of Treei and a gentleman that lives in the construct of a world that he created for himself.  Armando has had an amazing career, in life design, coming out of the Alan Watts / Berkeley era.  In the past seven years, i have learn how to be calm, how to think in tongues and how to speak without words.

   Armando is currently cognizant and aware, yet a stroke has cost him his conventional speech and motor skills.  He has a motorized wheelchair that works fine most of the time - the recent snow and cold has put the chair aside - so we were able to add depth and time together for our conversations.  Armando can speak verbs and action words, his connectivity does not allow the nouns to flow, so his ability to tell you things is based on your ability to interpret the meaning of his sounds.  

   Time together brings telepathy and physical contact (like holding hands and soft touches); it brings charges of impulse that add insight and meaning.  As we talk, i learn a lot - if the lesson is not exactly the one that Armando is teaching, i will never know.  It feels right and the yes factor is well over the no response in most areas.  There is no problem with Armando's listening skills and he is sharp as a tack when he disagrees with the words that i speak.  The depth is also here.

   We were talking about the possibility of placing time itself into the flux box and trying to define terms that are defined by time in a different weigh.  How can we speak of frequency when cycle per second is not an allowed concept as per second is a measure of time.  Can the energy of a wavelength be describes without drawing on the sense of time?  All periodic function would still occur, yet would it have the same precision and accuracy if not differentiated over this whimsical addiction to a clock?

   As we talked, the precision of Armando's diction seemed to improve - the words from me flowed as though they had come from him.  The concept of gamma rays is a very crucial physical force in the modern whirled these days.  There is very little information being provided on the extinction level event called Fukushima - there is another weigh of looking at all of this disaster, but we are not being allowed to think properly.  Nuclear generated radio activity is not a chemical reaction - it is a physical reaction.  The great energies that physics has harnessed are being manipulated by a few people at the cost of the health of  greater number of more people.  Is this any weigh to run a lifestyle?

   The forms that people group in have been manipulated to provide the modern discontent.  People would be much better off in tribal community - where leadership is local and everybody has a say in the mechanism of what they are doing from day to day.  The manner that current life is set requires a hierarchical structure of community that takes more from the individuals that cannot give and collects it in the hands of personal egos that drive the insanity.  We need to render food, not render people.  The change is for we the people to decide the parameters, then to do the mental and physical gymnastics to make it happen.

   I do believe in magick and serendipity.  The other night, the cat returned to the house covered with a greasy oil that was a guaranteed mess in normal situation.  A search for powder and corn starch found that I had left the cargo door of the van open when i had been there 15 minutes earlier and if not for the cat, the van would have stood open all night.

   Our light brightens when we think about the forces of light and dark, or good and evil.  We recognize that the battle is not one individual against another.  It sometimes seems like a pitched one on one battle in a denial of reality war where opinions can be forced upon others to allow ego to exclude rather than like.  If we realize that we all share as a collective the waters of life, then the hive mind is more than human, it contains all of Gaia, acting together through our waters of life.  Water of love, deep in the ground.  Deep inside of us.  Part and parcel to everything.  The forces that govern molecular structure use water as the tool for filling the void - for keeping continuity - the essential aether of the spheres.  Symmetry constructs the lattice, broken symmetry create our uniqueness as individuals.  We are all water, we are each water.  And because of that, i think, i think ... i think.

   Life is not a dichotomy, it is a symphony over many scales, with rhythm and hues playing in tune. 

   Namaste' ... doc  and Merry Christmas

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