May 30, 2013

Science of Chemtrails

      Amazing how the words flow when the focus of the morning is to write before acting. Each day is another episode in the daily scheme – the things to do get done and the concrete reality builds a picture of ebb and flow. There are things that seem odd, but one can only follow them on the screen, as we really have no direct contact with anyone beyond our small circle of friends and relatives. The times when we mix and match are when real knowledge gets transferred, not by the university system that shellacs the pages of yesteryear as purported fact.
      There was a time when I kept up with the cutting edges of science. It was easy, as the thoughts of scientists worldwide were reported in the journals – where professors got their kudos and publish or perish was the stock in trade. That I noticed this game was rigged and off at the end of the 1980's was one of the reasons that I left for Oregon a second time – if they wanted to jack you around, then they could jack you around. I thought that not playing would work – instead I am not playing all alone in the backwoods of nature. I perished from the scene – working several low level odd-jobs before the storm sent me packing on the foothills of the new weigh of life.
      The dastardly change came in the early Clinton years, when university professors were allowed to make profit from their own research function. This is actually being repeated now, at a different sense of scale with college athletes – the university has a moneymaker that they didn't share with the generators until the force of time weighed in. That the NCAA is a corrupt old boys network is a given – all the establishment pathways are cluttered with pretenders that staked their claim to a portion of the mechanism, that every flow must now go through them. Thus, payment for no service is the rigged effect and the cause is well in the past – the need for greed to keep oneself alive.
      It doesn't have to be this weigh. The picture we hold of the illusion is one that we can create in our mind's eye and then build a fractal of in reality. That reality has physical laws that create the possibilities is something we all learned in school and is a limiting means of looking at the big picture – we can only do what we are allowed to do, by authorities, by physics and by the laws of men. Notice that the laws of nature are not on the short list. Nature is something to be conquered over, not collaborated with. Our loss.
       How does one achieve zen with nature? The first weigh is to experience nature on a daily basis. Breathing outside air is always a good start. If the chemtrails leave us alone, the air in the Pacific Northwest would come from a cleansing flight over the Pacific Ocean. Ah, the chemtrails – what are they and what is the story behind them?
       Doc had the opportunity to participate in the film – What in the World are they Spraying? The film director, Michael Murphy, starts talking with experts about the facts accumulating that imply that spraying may not have beneficial purpose. When you see the trails – they stay as residuals lines and spread out into cloudiness over the course of the day. The composition of the aerial spray has been shown to contain barium, strontium and aluminum – three metallic elements that have no actual biological function in the realm of life. That these materials are measured in places where they are not normally found is a notice that something is going on beyond the normal call of expectation. Much of the data from Mt. Shasta was collected by a professional biologist with USFS experience – that agencies cannot discuss the data flat out is a strike against our intelligence.
      Doc will be working with Dane Wiggington, the primary data provider for the website. Dane lives in Northern California, east of Mt. Shasta. He reports a large tree die-off: the texture of life is getting difficult for trees that expect acidic pH in their soils – the current spraying effort has increased average ground pH between 10 and 100 fold – from pH of 5.3 to pH close to 6.5. The forests in southern Oregon still look green, but the continuing drought creates fire hazard conditions that could take large tracts of forests off-line in a hurry. When Dane confronted government scientists, David Keith admitted that they were spraying without having the context for what those sprays can do. They can do many things – nature seems to collect elements together in small packages rather than spreading them off distinctly around the world.
      The latest fears concern the melting of the polar ice-caps. I have always been wary of ice cap data – it seems to me that the times when the temperature is warm would melt the ice and that times of cold would build more icepack. Thus dating based on ice cores would necessarily miss gaps of years when the ice was net melted rather than laid down. The fact that the ice is melting rapidly now, can be seen through satellite photography; there are travel passages through the arctic circle. Of concern are the undersea methane hydrates – solids made of both water and methane that are frozen under the ice. There is enough methane gas here that a single burp of methane could change the composition of the atmosphere (that is a huge amount of methane, I would like to see more data).
      Methane is a carbon based gas on the opposite side of the chemical spectrum from carbon dioxide. Methane has four hydrogen atoms attached to the central carbon atom – it burns readily to produce carbon dioxide and water. The methane is in a 'reduced' state and susceptible to oxidation. The chemistry of the atmosphere is mostly inert, with 80% of the material being nitrogen, N2, which does not react with much under normal environmental conditions. Some plants do have the ability to fix nitrogen; legumes in the gardens, Cianothus in the burnt to a crisp forests, where the soils must fix nitrogen to become viable for plant growth to start again.
      That the geo-engineers profess to be helping things by lowering the albedo of the earth by placing reflective particles in the air, does not cut the mustard. The complex ecosystems that Gaia has developed, regulate the metabolism of a larger whole living system. That some processes dominate as other processes wane is natural – however the significant transformation of the surface of the earth over the past 200 years has had some interesting effects. The climate changes that we watch, include earthquakes and volcanoes and cosmic emissions (CME) originate at a scale well beyond that of human impact, at this time. That we have reached the tipping point that was professed by environmentalists like David Suzuki almost 30 years ago.
      Environmentalists and the green movement have not really been helpful to addressing true environmental problems. People see tree-huggers like AlGore running around the planet wasting huge amounts of resources, telling people that they have to change, while holding themselves to a different standard. They tend to build castles that allow themselves the privilege of standing over, rather than with – the entire Thrive movie was more of the same. The Gamble fortune behind the movie is another feature of the arcane method of wealth distribution that must be fixed before we get to the next revision of mankind.
      Truth be told, I am not worried about Gaia pulling through this mess that we have made with the easy availability of fossil fuel. I am somewhat worried that in the great extinction that is currently taking place, we humans might be driving our own species into extinction. The population levels on the surface of the earth have been dominated by human action – we raise dogs, horses and cats, while eating the habitat of wild non-domestic animals. Our land is integrated for cows and chickens – meats that meet our consumption, rather than the diversity that nature has accorded. At some point, we may harm the keystone species and lose continuity – the loss of bees and beavers in the world today are two worrisome trends.
      Before mankind took to terraforming, nature was able to build a system of meandering creeks and vast flood plains – large swatches of territory could be flooded for days at a time. This circulated the topsoil and encouraged the migration of plants that were swept up and relocated, as seed can be moved by a myriad of methods. The need for moving logs to build homes and towns channelized the rivers of America even before the cartographers drew the maps. The Mississippi River now is a straight chute from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Isn't it interesting that they are trying to build an oil pipeline that spans the same route. I guess that shipping isn't quite the same as it ever was.
      The distribution of elements took a great amount of time. The basic principle appears to be like attracts like – metals congregate in environments with like metals. When we found that aluminum could be mined from bauxite by using fluorine gas, then the by-product sodium fluoride had to be legitimated for use. The dental myth that fluoride is good for tooth enamel led communities to choose to poison their drinking water with this toxic waste. To this day, I will never purchase a fluoridated toothpaste. The chemistry of the halogens is quite elaborate, but fluorine is the best electron thief ever invented and does not play nicely with other elements.
      Chemistry used to be a revered topic – Better Living through Chemistry was the marketing slogan for DuPont for many years. Now the field has become mundane – the jigsaw puzzle of elements figured out to our satisfaction, that we can duplicate nature in a laboratory if we need to. That nature builds a plant that makes a substance that take years for organic chemists to make is interesting – remember that taxol was extracted from yew bark until the chemists saved the yew trees with synthetic products. Mastering stereo-chemistry was the innovation – left handed symmetry pervades.
      There is something deeper here that requires forethought. The means of chemistry have been followed to the point where the science has matured from discovery to application. That we can apply chemistry without understanding the form of consciousness produced by the new combination of elements is worrisome at best. There seems to be a difference between the application of chemistry to inert species and the application of chemistry to biological systems. That chemistry underpins biology is not a question – similarly physics underpins chemistry. If we now have a quantum physical world, doesn't that imply also a quantum chemistry world?
      To be there when you are here is a matter of separating mind from body. As we learn that the physical state is really made up of lots of space, with very small amounts of mass distributed in large formal blocks, perhaps we should apply ourselves deeper to the interactions of water with various elements. Water allows migration off species and concentration of those species when evaporated. Perhaps the water is the level of all sentience – in which case, the form of water as human was chosen to allow the expression of thought. This implies that thought might originate at a different scale entirely and that we are missing the boat when we sail in the isolation of our own minds. Gaia creates a harbor for humans to gather and share our thoughts – perhaps the time has come to rework the regulatory system and allow ourselves to work on a broader scale of allowable reality.
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May 27, 2013

The Basis Set

I just finished about 40 pages in two essays on the basis of life at the level of anu – a hindu God and a physical shape and the manifestation of all things. The author is a friend that I haven't yet met, but we have been in net contact and our thought patterns are remarkably similar. That I have the same agenda going on within as several of my other friends, assimilated across the whirled, is a demonstration of the correctness of the theory we are developing to supersede the current understanding of the way it is.

My thoughts were that the base conscious level lies in water – but the anu works as the basis of everything on every different level. The form of expression develops differently as a function of size – the fractal nature of all things embeds continuity throughout the system while introducing chaos as a prelude to order. The dynamics of scale ought to be simpler as fewer anus are involved. Each anu is a compilation of smaller anus – in the end, there is only one anu – as massive as the all encompassing and as alone as self. That it can create itself, a new anu anew, across a band gap and reflect its own image in symmetry is the fundamental function of growth – a reversible process that seems to flow in only a single direction – time forward.

The body centered honeycomb lattice serves as the basis group of seven with octahedral symmetry. This is one of two sacred geometries found at the active sites of biochemical metal complexes. The tetrahedral geometry of the group 4 element carbon and silica lattices, with points extending in radiant lines throughout space is the other. The thought comes to mind that the mind is the thought. The quantum ability to think a thought rests on the configuration of the transmission of frequency – caused by the spacing of the elements. Each atom is its own being at the scale of one.

The symmetry is retained when the octahedral lattice of seven is extended to thirteen. This is how the form connects to the next form within a conductive capacity that features no resistance. My friend the audio engineer had it all calibrated to band width and can spin terms like a disk jockey spins vinyl. The arsenal that turns vibration into sound into music is just one reflection of this eternal form. The om sound of the universe has its parallel in the unit of resistance, the ohm. 'Oh my god' takes another resonance.

Think about the form of the size of the scale – how big is so big (or too big to fail?)? The changes in configuration are caused by a rearrangement of elements – essentially changing dance partners. The old game ends, the new game begins … ready or knot, here we go. Blink!

Hi there, has anything changed? It has, but to go on continuing to think in the old thought patterns requires us to accept truths that we now know cannot be true. That there are laws that cover the mechanisms of the universe is quite clear, but the laws of our science physics, which was set to determine these things, has sidestepped in the bringing of form to that illusion. That there is contention in the physics of reality at times seems like a pandering to egos – the physical acceptance of what is true depends on the perspective of the assumptions. What truths do we hold to be self-evident?

The origin of the cosmos is a function of the science or religious philosophy that we choose to believe. That Newton was able to tease one away from the other around 1700 was a remarkable achievement that led to a strategic shift in world view that could be 'led' by the theocrats of the day.

There never should have been a conflict between nature and nurture, but breaking things down to smaller and smaller was much easier than putting them back together in functional form. Our calculus and mathematical rigor was used to exclude real phenomena, because they didn't fit the mold of our expectation. The ability to refine refinements led to complications within the thermodynamics that ruined prior kinetics – we changed the forms to meet our function, without realizing the function played by that form on the bigger picture – the one ignored by the focus on reductionism. Like Alice's rabbit hole, once through, we could not go back again.

Science holds a burden of proof that requires adhesion to modern myth. Since like attracts like, all theories must be filtered through academic peer review, which holds the knowledge base stagnant for the benefit of a few. The addition of intellectual property rights to the equation means that the true forefronts of knowledge have been commoditized and by allowing university professors to share in corporate profits, we burnt the whole game of perspective from an outside point of view. Original thought cannot exist in a quantum telepathic world.

The real world has been very adequately described in the morphologic theories of Rupert Sheldrake. That the Higgs' boson completed a central model at the same time that the model was found to be flawed is just another irony of the way the illusion works. We can believe anything we wish to believe to be true, but once proven false, to continue with that belief is at ones own peril. As an example of this – Bugs Bunny is able to walk off the cliff and stand with Roadrunner, watching Wile E. Coyote descend due to the law of gravity. Ain't cartoon physics fun?

The belief system that each of us holds is dictated by the environment that we have been raised and the observations that we have made of the relative importance of our thoughts. We get what we think about, but never quite in the form that we expect. Our actions become harsher or softer based on the immediate response to our prior interactions. When memory serves us well, we can bring about emotions that create the energy necessary to overcome inertia and create change. But alas, we often fail to engage our brains at the proper time – we are too worried about what other people think than how they think.

At each level of the system of nature, the anu starts again at one. The fibonacci growth pattern intersects with other patterns to form a dimensional array that keeps the form together at the level of the observation. The big picture is necessarily vague because at human scale, the best we can do is the level allowed by the physics – which just spent the wad looking for their imaginary boson and breaking the hold of the assumption that all is known. Knowledge has to be free-flowing like electrons – the limit of growth is the form that the growth can take without morphing to a new resonance. That things resonate at different frequencies is a known fact – how those frequencies arise is speculation based on current models that are now sitting in the flux box, awaiting reinvention based on more stringent protocols.

The mystery of life is that we think at a scale where we can be masters of our own destiny. Most life is too busy accommodating to the surroundings to have such esoteric thoughts. At least, that is what we would like to think. It seems in real terms that everything has breath – as the Vedic in and out Perushka Mandala is a self-assembling structure similar to the anu – perhaps just a different form of the same thing manifest on another adjacent scale. My hourglass is spinning and my brain hertz – time to get Jojo back to where he once belonged.

Namaste'    doc

May 23, 2013

Life as Game Philosophy

Things are coming together as things are falling apart. The idea that people share a common prospectus is a secular myth that appears difficult for the common person to grok. When you lose touch with the things you are supposed to be interested in, then you find yourself stretched for conversation. When we politely exclude religion and politics from affable discussion, we are left talking about TV shows and gossip. Most people feel in their element – they can handle conversation at this depth.

I find it difficult to get most people any deeper than superficial. Those friends that I keep contact with are either as depth defying as I, or have a civic cause that they are dedicate to pursue. The common thread is the development of community, but sometimes I know that I am fooling myself … the common cause is self-preservation. Each attempt at community has turned to failure because the pull of the universal system requires focus on making money to pay one's way.

I prefer the weigh, my interpretation of the Tao, the book of changes. I misplaced my yellow copy, on a shelf with books, likely in NoCal with a lot of my other stuff. I intend to return, but the whirled changes quicker than one can imagine when not paying much attention to detail. The better immersed in a specific focus, like mining, the less time there is to worry about the mundane whirled of the muggles. The I-Ching (Tao) is a compendium of eastern philosophy written by Lao Tzu and edited for America by Americans. I found a paperback using Legge's interpretation, three penny roles can replace the three chinese coins that were broken during travel.

There are other weighs of approaching the grid of sixty-four besides the Tao. The chess board supplies a wealth of eight by eight thought in a checkerboard pattern where white plays against black at a slight opening advantage. Rather than limit the game to chess, I enjoy using chess pieces to play other derivative games of chess. The website Scheming Mind has a handle on all these variants and for $25/year allows unlimited access, one move at a time. Tell em lemme set ya.

The game Lao Tzu chess is very much like the real life situation we find ourselves in today. The chessboard is set up with the pawns on the second row, but the pieces are scrambled behind them. The king is centered somewhere between the two rooks. The game is a dark game, you only get to see the parts of the board where your pieces can move, which initially is your own side of the board, covered by the pawns opening moves. If a piece is blocked, you do not get to see the blocker, unless you can take it. As the game progresses, the squares of the board wink in and out of darkness as the pieces develop into their forward positions.

When you take a piece, it gets removed from the board and placed into your reserve pile. At any point of the game, instead of making a move on the board, you can place a piece down onto the board. You may only place it on a square that you can see. Pawns may not be placed on the front or back row, but placing a pawn on the seventh and queening it by advancing to the eighth row is a valid stratagem. You may deliver a new piece with check, but often the game is a hunt for finding the opponents king. I like to call the game Mushroom Chess, because we are kept in the dark and shoveled lots of shit. The material advantage can be lost in an instant, and giving up pieces for location information is a pseudo-artform.

Another different favorite is Benedict's chess. Here everything starts our seemingly normal, until you attack an opponents piece. As with Benedict Arnold during the Revolutionary War myth, the piece attacked changes color and becomes your piece. Change the king, win the game. I suppose that red and blue might be better colors than black and white – white moving first has a large but not fatal advantage. There is a lot of variance in the play of this variant – the game can change appearance on every move.

To play these games takes a bit of patience and good internet access. The moves are made one at a time. You post a move and it starts your opponents clock, and adds a period of time to your clock based on the initial time of game – usually either 10 or 30 days. I check in once or twice per day and generally have about 25 games going – three or four waiting. If I have lots of 10 day games, the frequency is higher. The site also features an old type of on-line bulletin board and the ability to kibbitz in on other people's games. You can make a game private to outside viewers, if you are not playing in a tournament. There are public and private tourneys and generally you can find a slot to play a game. The best weigh is to dive right in, but find an opponent who is willing to give advice. Games are rated and ratings are updated monthly.

Scheming Mind is based out of Great Britain. The players come from all over the globe – I have been on-line long enough that I have established friends world-wide, even before instant messaging and skype were prevalent. When I lose my net access, I stress because I lose chess games. Thus, I have my own illusions within the Matrix and can focus off the beaten path with plenty of distraction to avoid the MSM.

The MSM is the main stream media : I prefer to call them the LSM as in lame stream media. They are the bankster's folly; the game is to provide all the information that you might need to know to keep you distracted and under their spell. The education system prepares us with common myths of history and economics, science and technology, social studies and most of all entertainment. How we choose to entertain ourselves is a very telling portion of the human condition.

The current myths are running dry; we have been to the well too often. We believed the game as it was developing – as a child of the sixties, the television was my baby-sitter. I was five when Kennedy was shot – they broke into the game show Concentration to have me watch Lee Harvey Oswald get blown away by Jack Ruby. No wonder that our society is inured to violent behavior – the box scatters bodies left and right. When the X-boxes and game machines came out – the simulations of death were a common theme. The shoot em up games were way more popular than the investigation games – I remember the Castle Wolfenstein and the hunt to erase the Nazi plague. When you killed Hitler, a little Hitler popped out and ran – and the game continued …

Used to play games until I won, then I discovered that life was happening when I was consumed by the game environment. As I was brought up by TV, my boys were brought up by computer games. We played together when Civilization came out – the history lessons took myth into a differential myth and the character types became archetypes for reading people. As life's pressures developed, I quit games and began to focus on work – being pushed to earn a living while maintaining a lifestyle with a connection to nature. Nature is not a player in artificial reality.

I became a vehicle for everybody else. By working hard with focus, I allowed a saddle on my back – volunteer efforts to do the right thing were often co-opted by the overall movement – we rise to the level of our ability and then one step further – the Peter Principle. It would be nice to take that last step back into the old comfort zone: that illusion is never an option in a society that is always progressing. That progress was the central myth to the American religion is a concept develop by the Arch Druid in his latest series of essays – the myths of today derive their basis from this common learning grid that schools provide inadequately. How to learn is an individually developed skill. We all know what works best for us, and rarely is learning accomplished by being lectured at.

I learned to limit an essay's volume – more on this topic next thyme.

Namaste' doc 051413

May 14, 2013

The Deep Recesses of Time

     Another day, another adventure. The energies are rockin and rollin – I briefly made contact with my galactic friends, but I am on a mission of change and need to be able to follow my own drummer as the ideas roll forth. I hope to remain in soulular contact and see that the change in me is the change I (and we) wish to see. Many things can tempt us from our paths – I prefer to know mine to be able to reestablish it, at any time in the process.
      I appear to have made a quantum jump from the 5D future to the 3D past by remaining in the immediate now – a 4D uni-dimensional world that is the instantaneous apex for change from old form to new. The game plays as above, so below; on time frames that differ according to the scale – as measured by a size determined parameter. For human scale, we look at the count of the number of people present at the moment in the location of interest. I am always present in my now.
      Think of an hour-glass. The system has just been turned on its head and everybody is in the high energy tightly wound captive state, layered many molecular distances away from the apex. The hole is wide enough for one individual to pass at a time, but convergence at the hole evolves into a spiral of opportunity to flow. This is an inverse function of the normal bell curve, where the inside is wider than the outside; here the many congregate and the few find connections. There above in the newly inverted plain – all the traits have been inverted and the muddle in the middle is over by a red sea parting effect.
      Just rotate the hour glass by a quarter of a turn and follow the flow of sands. The middle, where the apex is, is at the same point but the flow is now horizontal and not vertical – thus there is no flow, because gravity brings it all down. The playing field is rather even, with wide spots symmetrically displayed on both sides and the plateaus caused by layering are deepest in the center and widest at the surface. The actions of symmetry change the cosmos by a varying number of degrees and the setting equalizes according to the gravity field involved.
      I like the hourglass imagery, because people know what it is, but don't think about it much to understand how it seems. We use clocks instead of flowing sand, so everything runs in a circular motion. We wind ourselves dizzy and end up in the same location, somewhere further down the linear path of time – totally missing the now going on around us as we hustle and bustle to each new opportunity to turn a buck and keep the engine puttering for a bit longer. Is this any way to run a life?
      We can all be part of a whole and be an individual without the need for the commercial overlay. The interpretation of common reality is gone – what I see here and what you see here are two very different images that only have to be correlated with each other when we are in the same place at the same time. Even then, if we both witness something that is unbelievable, without a third party witness, we can agree to suppress what we saw, or embellish it, or make it into anything that we can agree upon. Do we really need the agreement for this to be the case?
      When I get lost in scale, I seem to change the form of my time. I can spend what seems like minutes on a task and look up three hours later to find that I haven't eaten or missed a meeting. The focus of the micro-task becomes all consuming and the minutes and seconds, our time measures, mean very little. Yet that length of focused thought is a function of the time-space – I seem to get the lost time back at times when I may not want it. If I sit and watch the clock, each second is very slow and when I meditate, I can almost stop the time from flowing. Yet – somewhere, there is balance.
      In a symmetric world, everything cancels out to zero. We have left-handed and right-handed symmetry functions that work exactly the same in different direction and don't balance each other – such that we can see some components and not others. All amino acids in life are left-handed spirals – I wonder if dark matter is all right-handed to balance our light matter?
      Today is mass massing on another Treei year – the start of the new and the  underwhelming of the already here, in this now. Events are rapidly changing and this journaling in many forms will bring this scribe to the apex of scripture – the idea that we can embellish a thought form and make it happen in no time at all. I look through history and wonder sometimes whether the dark ages were truly unenlightened or whether they just haven't occurred yet on the time-line of the real story. When this connected reality breaks – who knows what is in the Pandora's box of possibility – whatever we can imagine.
      The current goal is to accomplish the task of isolating metal from rock. The task was accomplished with very low technological ability by several past civilizations – the Spanish collected lots of gold from the Mayan and Aztec cultures, which didn't have roasting furnaces and smelters, to my knowledge. The Egyptians also had lots of sand and made gold and created pyramids, just how this came to be is still a mystery – though some modern thought expended sees the time period in a new light.
      Our souls seem to recur on several different planes simultaneously – our individual selves here on Gaia are not alone. We have life at many different scale on this planet and it is interconnected in an infrastructure called nature, that manifests itself in a myriad of truths and consequences. As we observe outside, we can see a reflection inside, that catalyzes an action and sets us off once again on a pathway of a new journey – the pace of life changes and our speed becomes dependent on different actions that affect us from the buffer of non-self. The image pushes and we react. The image pulls and we react. Whether pushing or pulling, the constant motion leaves us dizzy and breathless in the moment where we find ourselves – the only now that exists – the right now.
      The goal today is to continue the discovery process of getting the metal in the sands to speak my language – or getting me to envision the process of time from the perspective of the metal atoms in the sands. To build a game where I, the molecule, wish to gather other like molecules from the matrix – just like I, the person, likes to surround myself with friends that I share philosophy with. We group by our comfort levels and acceptable behavior is a learned experience. Perhaps the molecules learned something different at their scale and need to tell us how to apply this to our scale. The group theory of chemistry and sociology is quite similar – we can learn a lot by slowing down our frenetic pace and interpreting what we are being told by nature, rather than by the lame-stream media.
      On another note – seems that Gerry Pollack at UW has a new book coming out on the 4th phase of water – I would guess that his sense is entirely relevant to the Nature of Water discussion held here during April – the water class at Nweti will begin once critical mass is obtained. The current mass massing might focus on that or something else – the challenge of perspective becomes apparent when you are embedded in a task and need to see the picture at a different level – the fractals only have to hold the same form in adjacent arrays and form is a function, not a complete whole. The key is love, unconditional love, for the exploratory function of creating the new weigh of looking at things – evaluating what we know and what we don't know to see whether the form that appears is a serviceable form.
      Using the ore analogy – metal is dispersed in different concentrations amongst the great organs of ore, but the vein lines contain more of the high value items. If we collect these items without destruction of the original matrix, then a substitution is required for allowance of functionality to continue. As we go to smaller particle size, individuals can be attracted together based on physical properties and evaluated by measured values to determine quality and quantity. The question becomes … what is the goal of the endeavor? At his point, the goal seems to be to make money, but that is not where the value actually is. We need to change perspective of what the collective goals are – and what is obtainable from the merits of work options remaining in the only game that the current PTB has left – scortched earth.
      Ouch. Must be light and love, not gloom and doom. May the Monsanity end soon.

Namaste' doc 050813

May 09, 2013

As best as possible

Life is love - but sometimes things do not work properly - please check in for posts at any time again - i will attempt to keep up as i can.  Namaste'  doc

May 07, 2013

Doc's History with Time

    This is the last day of my Treei year, the Void Voiding day. It is the day where everything that I didn't get to do during the past year gets flushed into the time capsule and when the new day will dawn tomorrow, I will follow yet another stairway to heaven. Having recently passed 20,000 days in the life, learning to use new calendars is really teaching this old dog new tricks. Giving up on the standard calendar is not really allowed in this society – most businesses function by the clock. No thank you, Henry Ford – I choose not to be a slave to the decree of time.
    I never liked punching a time clock or tracking my hours. As long as the job gets done, there is no standard for ownership in my systematized world – I do things on my time except by agreement. I attempt to hold to my agreements, but lose track of the obligations once they leave my thought space. I carry journals and write things down, but rarely go back and read from those journals once they are filled – data mining begins as soon as I get myself into a permanent location.
    Calendars track years of time. I kept my computer files stored by month for years and years and used my memory to know when I had done certain things. Having a good memory is a trap, because when you use all your personal bit space, your mind chooses which data is not important and can be overwritten. My mind works based on numbers and so all the telephone numbers and the name/face associations went as I blew a gasket and went into 'super-esoteric' mode. 'I know I know you, I recognize your face, but the name slips me.' I can call it old professor syndrome, because I memorized a lot of names with short term memory tricks and lost them as soon as the student went away.
    I tried once to switch my week to having Monday and Tuesday off. I was working on an education program with kids at a zoo on weekends and really put forth all my energy into creating learning systems – to working with the individual youth and understanding them, from their perspective. Our programs used weekends because it was not school affiliated – it required extra learning time above and beyond. It was science for kids that were bored with school – focused to their task of contemplating how the picture comes together.
    Problem was, my boss's bosses were used to getting their meetings done at the beginning of the week. The entire team had to be present for the Monday morning cheer-leading session, where everybody got their new assignments for the week (which were always the same old assignments that were in the job descriptions.) I suppose it meant they had all ears and didn't have to relay information, but I never really got a full day off – I always had to go in on my days off and deal with some invented problem. It rarely ever concerned the animals, which I naively thought was what a zoo was about.
    Anyway, when I started scribing full-time, I lost track of the days. I attended a summer festival, the Mystic Garden Party, where they observed a day out of time and thought – wow that could be a cool concept. I stopped in a booth where they were promoting Jose Arguelles and learned about a glyph based Mayan calendar called the Tzolkin that had a 260-day year set in thirteen 20-day lunar months. I could see where a different calendar might be confusing, but I liked the white wind symbol that seemed very happy. Turns out that this calendar is tied to another 364-day Mayan calendar with the same glyphs that is seasonally based. I filed this for reference by accepting a calendar book.
    When it all came apart for me, I didn't grok what was happening. I was lost in the formality of the ebb and flow of reality when it just didn't seem real – one of the first in the unjust foreclosure department when the banksters were skim-scamming easy fruit. I was working multiple jobs to barely make ends meet and just couldn't pull it all together in an impoverished rural community. I followed the logic and reason to the extreme and tried to be what everyone else expected – the scientist who wasn't being paid but did science work anyway. Guess what didn't work.
    I landed at a place where spirituality was being developed by some extremely competent people that had turned off the fictional reality. I was encouraged to become a Hedronist – joining a group of sharp, dedicated folks that used sacred geometry in application to their work. Armando Busick, a Haight-Ashbury relic who worked with Alan Watts, was working on a concept of early language development in the limbic brain. The world turned off – he could envision meaning developing as eight glyphs – each with a sound and a tone and an elaborate set of interactions based on a grid of 64. A chessboard, existing of permutations of two with eight characters.
    Armando designed a deck of oracle cards and a calendar that started on the day each of us was born. It always starts in the same place – mass massing and always ends on the 64 day with void voiding. The two sets of eight interact in a special harmonic and I was part of Armando's Thursday morning 4-person reading group for roughly two years.
    I kept track of the statistics of the group reading and the frequency of terms, both in group space and my own personal space. I was able to calculate the number of days I had spent on Gaia and by dividing by 64 – I would get a decimal remainder which told me how far along I was on the Treei calendar. Allow me introduce this Treei calendar concept to you here and let you see how I got to void voiding today.
    There are eight glyphs that are the basic motivation of everything that is. It begins with mass, which originates at the beginning, as mass massing. Once there, the mass begins to form. If there is no mass, then there is nothing to form. Once formed, the mass then starts to flow. As it takes on the directional building toward accomplishment, the mass exudes power. The percolating froth of mass is directed in love. As the play comes together the mass produces sound. The hearing is amplified like a fine audio system to allow mass to engage mind. When it all comes together, then our day of rest, as mass settles back into the void.
    Then it becomes form's turn to mass. And so the days continue as form forms and eventually power loves, sound flows and void minds. Everything in each package of two – in both combinations – there is a flow forming and a form flowing that are different in nature. This Treei package speaks to my heart and my mind and keeps me guided by a structure in the background based on symmetry and group theory.
    When I stepped back, I saw that Armando had recreated the I-Ching in a different form. He, of course, had already realized this and had a book of art that he had created that defined thing in terms of his glyphs and other symbols. After two years of deep work, life moved on and I continued to visit Armando as he attempted to bring out his Treei oracle deck and create an internet site that expressed his love of being.
    Now, as I envision the whirled, I use the Treei oracle to let me know where I stand on my rhythmic path. I use the Tzolkin to convey the image of the day, in technicolor mode, as this Tzolkin is a new age form of an old age treasured holding – a spin of the same spun different. Today is yellow rhythmic seed – my choice of adjective above was ceded. And as above, so below.
    With a bit of cosmology embedded into the frame of each day – we can see where we have the basis for a new weigh to grok the talk and to walk the walk. Developments have shown progress this year – a new period of 217 day began at the last Yellow Cosmic Sun. This runs through this year's Day Out of Time – July 25th. This is the change that we are discussing – more things happening on a daily basis.

Namaste'     doc 050713

Note: You can get a copy of the Tzolkin calendar from the Foundation for the Law of Time POB 156 Ashland, OR 97520 USA or download at .

May 04, 2013

One to One

Full House: from One to One

Start: quietude and solace
murmuring whispers
voices from another land
where size runs volume aweigh

smaller is less archonic
fewer degrees of freedom
as simple joys reign
complexity disintegrates

number status changes
from one all up to three
is as sixteen to sixty-four
at twenty five or six to four

begin at zero, one and one
then two to three to five
eight, thirteen and twenty-one
thirty-four and fifty-five

small steps along a fine path
graduate into larger leaps
equilibrium balances
length in time at each jump

accomplish quantum leaping
pole to pole without encumbrance
no muddles in the middles
when scaling cutting edges

to begin anew takes forever
no momentum attained
until critical mass arises
into emergent behavior realms

it happens once all pieces set
chessmen start the battle
pawns sacrificed for sake of space
for territorial expansion

large size diminishes
back into more simple small
in stable altered configuration
advantage set in stone

no longer does math govern
the numbers come to play
numeronomy unveiled
under altered perspective today

now, a new day dawns
issues change the signs
perspective shifts to this today
begin at one, in quietude.

2013 - lemme howdt

Accept Truth Change

The change is come – the mean distribution centers toward the hundredth monkey concept – we know when is is, despite the assertion that he never had sex with that woman. Hilary neither. A match made in heaven – must be pure, unadulterated hell.

We know right from wrong and now must choose the path. The righteous would make that choice for us, but it really is our personal responsibility to think things through and make the proper choice for ourselves. 
The being that you are now is aware of the now, the present moment. The fulcrum can shift upon the fall of a single grain. The measurement scale must be refined to produce the tangible measurement appropriate to the dilution. A concentrate has more tangible assets, but less of the liabilities and costs – effort has been placed toward evoking separation based on transference of form via energy. How can we design energy production facilities based on the appropriate scale of heat and power that are required to complete the task?

We each come from a different direction of focus – the size of the group is a measure of the scale as expressed by levels of depth. The need to elucidate depth as a function of work hours applied toward direct experience cannot be transformed. You have to put in hours of thought time and hours of hands on time to develop a competence in the topic you seek to master. Each master is continually probing to new depths and is somewhat oblivious to other events transpiring in simultaneous ventures. This attraction to the point source of interest is what drives the work engine – applying mind and spirit to the same task.

To develop mastery of a topic, we need to immerse ourselves in our own games and lose perspective of the bigger picture. The concept of mutual defense should enlist a portion of our service people, because no matter how much we trust each other – others will think differently. Diplomacy is an art of war. The written text is a source of information that must be translated into a functional form in order for acceptance of the information provided. 
The value of the truth is that at any point, a fact may change and set forth a cascade of mistruth that must be evaluated as individual components of the whole. We build up our belief systems and hardly ever reevaluate the assumptions – the truth is something teased out of the tidbits of information that call attention to themselves. 
We do not share a common heritage; diversity of thought should be a recognized value. If we each take a different approach and we come to the same conclusion, then we reenforce out knowledge and have secondary systems in place – as back-up to the failure of the primary. A single voice in a crowd could share a different perspective that changes the mind-set of the whole. Take the expectation that this will occur at a fixed periodic rate that is a function of the variables of the system and the scale of the workings.

Dream – dream, dream. The intention demonstrated to the dream state is revealed to be a foreshadow of enabling the events to come. The idea that time is an illusion is impossible when talking about derivatives based on time such as speed and acceleration. We are good at taking things apart and psychoanalyzing them to death as to how they function. Why can't we view emergent behavior in the same manner, as a function of larger scale? What behavior emerges with added complexity? Do we know? Do we care to know? Kinda scary, eh?

When you get your facts supporting your figures, it all comes down to the bottom line. Qui Bono? Who benefits? When we declare the old game over and reshuffle up the deck for a new deal, can we start with the equity of sharing a diverse nature? Can we agree to disagree and listen to each other as we share our challenges to gain new perspective? 
Localizing means becoming self-sufficient – if I can take a competence field and share my results to your satisfaction, then you can free up your time to focus on things are are more beneficial to you and net better for all of us. The support services should be matched to the needs of the people accomplishing the work at all scales of every endeavor. How, is the topic for another day.

A good theory for the end of the working week. Namaste' doc 050313