January 22, 2014

A movie change - from V for Vendetta - to ???

The fibonacci sequence works in many different functions for nature - there is something going on and the pattern that i see is quite different in a subtle weigh from the way that most people see.

We do see the guy faux mask in the center of the illusion.  we are anonymous - or so they want us to believe.  It is important that you believe what you believe and not what somebody else wants you to believe - hence the cognitive dissonance in the media.  There is strength in numbers - we are not anonymous, we are one.  We are each one and we are all one and we are pissed.  We communicate.

World View

By Lemme Howdt

So many things to do
So many ways to turn
One project melts into another
Avoidance mode kicks in
Nevertheless, the diligent persevere
With underlying goals in sight
\An organic computer lens
Absorbing information in disrelated bits
Deciding inputs and outflows
Grounded in a basis set
Thinking about the future
In terms generations from the past
\Whirled views morph into small science goals
The scale is orders of magnitude
Significance in the big picture
The probability of sentient life remaining
In lieu of the support system
Graciously provided courtesy of gaia

The world is strange and the whirled is charmed.  Chaos arises out of order and the wilder the chaos, the more apparent the order.  I am studying emergent behavior and have gained an insight level that i now need to work out in solitude..  I have time to read and edit  - though i greatly appreciate being able to work flexibly with you as we walk through our co-creation of space/time.  It requires truth, not payment.

As i work to develop how people act like atoms in molecules - I find that chemistry is all inclusive and yet each atom works alone.  I changed the movie - I now play the role of Hari Seldon in Asimov's Foundation series.  In Doc's movie.  In other people's movies, my role hasn't changed - only the amount of screen time has changed.  I want to use your movie in the basis set for the Game/experiment/movie change such that we are creating a weigh to change the media.  Sort of a 'Stop the Whirled I want to get off' scenario.  The cognitive dissonance of the 70's (60s thru 80s) has all the verbiage - we just have to alter the spin - that is the One New Earth concept.

Give love and light to everybody that you deal with.  The numbers have meaning in a fibonacci sense - and you are always in control of the size of groups in your movie.  Let's start thinking about screenplay as we create a whole new movie out of the remnants of all the old movies.

Namaste' ...  Hari ...  Doc

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