January 07, 2014

Agenda Science

     Can their be concurrent truths that are not in agreement with each other, yet are both still true?  Can what is true for you, be false for me - and still hold true for you?  Is the belief that something is true enough to make it true for you, even though it is false for others?  In our consensus reality - does the truth hold together as the false falls off - or are true and false a ying/yang pair of comparable dementia? (or did i mean dimension?)

     The power to make changes day to day is in your capable hands.  Only you can see things differently, by accepting facts that formerly were false or rejecting facts that were formerly true.  Which items fall into which category? Folks, we are playing with consensus reality here - who bears the light that is contained in the lamp radiates the pathway?  If i accept your reality, but don't really believe it;  then am i still bound to the physical laws that your reality imposes?  What if insanity pervades?

     Or in this case, what if Monsanity pervades?  The flat earthers at Monsanto are at it again, creating an inedible food system that mucks with the workings of Gaian metabolism.  That they profess to be a life sciences company when they are really a death sciences company is true doublespeak in the best Orwellian sense.  The Genetic Modified Organism debate was not held before the assumption that they knew something, and changed the playing field for each and every one of us.  Pandora's box, once opened, cannot be closed.

     The biggest problem here is one that is very basic - do we grok how genetics works?  Doc has a feel for the basics of genetics and comprehends the chemistry of how DNA is supposed to form spirals and twists within itself in a specific code of four base pairs that transfer information in three unit segments called codons.  There is a grid of 64 options (permutations of four taken three at a time).  This creates the 21 common amino acids that are collected together by the biochemical process of protein formation.  The cells each have their own set of DNA - which is the same within each individual cell - but is modified by both the environment and the organism.  Sex is what makes new critters happen and they contain a mixed match of mom and pop genes that create a person of the same type - with all new genes.

     As to the details - i know that i can look up the details of the theory, circa 1970's, in the text books on my library shelf.  I tend to go there first, because when i go to the internet first for research, i inevitable get woofed off into some black hole somewhere on the other side of the knowledge base.  Before i believe anything in the biological realm, i first must intake the metabolic chemistry to see if the mechanism proposed is plausible.  How many of you have the ability and the time to do this?  If you don't, you are at the mercy of a fiction that you believe, whether it comes from Monsanto or from Farm Wars - you trust that you are being told a truth.  If the truths conflict - you choose one until it fails, then do you believe the other?  No - you make up a hybrid that makes sense, that is even further away from the biology and chemistry, but satisfies your craving for completeness in form.

     It is easy to see why this empire is failing to contain the broad evolution away from consensus reality.  The agenda of science no longer is truth - it is self contained to support a mechanical economic structure based on theories of how utopia should operate for the benefit of the automatons that run it.  The banksters care not about science - they only want to control all the money and paint the picture for science to sell.  The university is now set up to create debt, and to enslave the participant through payback of loans via right-thinking with the left-brain.  That we can left-think with the right brain is denied by the status quo, that's not the way we were taught.  We need a new weigh - a measure of fact to tell whether truth or dare is playing.  

     Americans have made dare into an artform.  I can grok why Duck Dynasty is a hit - people like to feel superior, so tv shows us inferior to make us feel good.  Turn off the TV.  Turn off the TV.  Okay - BCS was yesterday, i do watch sports.  Doc - turn off the TV.  The messages that we are getting are a mixed bag of pablum - find a line and tether it to something solid, then make your weigh through the thought storm and figure out which parts of the consensus reality you really believe and which parts you need to be convinced about.  If we can break down to the very small, then we get the very large too: as above, so below.  

     The error or uncertainty is much greater with small numbers - there is no error allowed in the game that Monsanity calls science - their end is nigh.  Just got to think things through in a different mindset than the one that created the misconceptions.

     Namaste' ... doc

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