January 15, 2014

Bubble Game #1 : Linear Dymanics and Fibonacci

     Thyme to play with Bubbles.  Most people live inside their own social bubble to the degree that they really care about what other people think of them.  To that end, what they think of themselves becomes the grandstand of importance and they set up their system in a very logical structure way.  If A happens, then B will follow, when B happens, then C will be the result and after C, then D, E, F and G ...  .  This is what we are calling linear dynamics and it is the weigh people see the whirled from their television/internet/system perspective.  Rules are made to enforce constancy and one size fits all - more, bigger, better, best.

    Science, rigidly enforced by mathematics, is extremely distinct in linear dynamics.  There is one correct way to describe things and everything must be bullied into the universally accepted perspective until the one singular innovation comes along and changes everything.  The current corporate uberstructure with the worship of money to the final end of an apocalyptic crash into a hard surface is a linear dynamic myth that has taken hold of the psyches of the mindless numbered masses as they pass from cubicle to television screen with a quick pit stop at Mickey dees.

     Act local, think global is a backwards concept - act global, think local appears to be in our better interest.  The fabrication of what we call real depends on a common mindset to hold together the illusion - we all live in our own little bubbles and have to learn to count all over again.  The linear base ten system has been superseded by binary and hexadecimal - base ten linear is passe'.   When it comes to the point of dissolving the common accepted reality - we find that this has already taken place.  The Bubbles game is an experiment - you are invited to play.

    As above, so below.  Harmony is embedded in the spheres.  Drs. Pollack and Ho have described water way beyond the image of current scientific acceptance - we are out in the rainbow clouds investigating new relationships.  If this, then that leap is not as much a leap as a roller coaster thrill ride in a virtual amusement park - at the end of the ride, do you ask for more?   The concept of one, the self, the quantum, is one that each of us has to set for ourself.  Thank you Dr. Emoto for the images.

    To do this - let us change the definition of what we call self.  At this point, each of you reading this through your own eyes is a self - a being, a person - a self-recognizing distinct entity.  If you have pets, these animals see themselves in this same way that you do - always acknowledge them and they will convey the same mirror treatment to you.  Of course, you already knew that and act accordingly.  Plants and crystals also deserve ultimate respect, as does anything that contains a substantial amount of water.

     If you have a full-time life partner, the entity of you and your partner together should be considered as a unit of one that subsumes the two individuals when together in a common bond.  This means that each person sees the pair of two as an entity - like a Hydrogen molecule H2 - that is not breakable into separate stable components.  This, in contrast to a water molecule H2O - which has three atoms, can be viewed as a single symmetric species and each person assumes the value of zero while together as the one.  Since there is always a minimum of plus or minus one in any measurement, that two can be one is on the limit of measurement accuracy.

     Thus now - we have bubbles that are quantized at a unit of one for several different scales - we have the concept of the first four fibonacci levels of zero, one, one and two all being able to be measured with a unit scale of one.  This is an incredibly complex feat that we have now accomplished - we can see how one can be all and all can be one, without disrupting our personal individual will, except by 'common' agreement.  This is the basis of sovereignty a complex different discussion.

    Once a bubble has been launched at the size of one - the relationship takes on different dynamics as a function of the number of peeps in participation.  For humans sake, we only count peeps as humans, but realize that nature determines peeps as life forms, so our counting is an arbitrary setting of a scale of one and in reality contains very many more scales both larger and smaller.  For convenience - i have my personal illusion scale currently set between a grid of 64 and a grid of 144 - about 1.61 of the way abridged by a third coin flip mechanism for the introduction of multiple dimensions.  But my grid is designed for mapping me - not you and i am the most complex person that i know intimately.

   These 98 levels form a mobius strip that is a two sided journey in a space without time.  That i can go inside myself to realms of small or outside the whole to realms of huge is a function of the accordion of my imagination - my Road to Tabithia, so to speak.  Our personal illusion is as real as we make it, subject to the laws of physics if we feel bound by them.  Chemical bonding and interpersonal bonding have many parallels, we are just beginning to explore the interrelationships of diverse fields of interest.  Locate your own field and dive deep, or dive wide - you need breadth and depth and width to see through the 3D experience.  You can only do this in a bubble of one.

    Size is an organic function of form.  As form takes place in biology, there is symbiosis between many different components that are related to each other, but not with each other.  To know is to see the relationship of the one to the whole one - the two ones of the fibonacci quartet of the first four levels.  While each of us works to self-contain our whole, the thing that we can track is how many peeps are in the entity that we track as our linear time.  If you set your one properly, and we each agree on the 24 hour day, then the number of peeps in the room is a measure of the scale that you find yourself working on.  Work is another concept for a different day.

     In fact, the Zone is approaching both 2200 posts and 50,000 pageviews, since blogger began counting.  In fibonacci levels - both are in high enough numbers that level is out there - the demonstration of being has been achieved - thank you for taking a time out with Thyme Howdt.  For those wondering about Fibonacci - the golden mean ratio - take the first number zero and add it to the next number one and generate the next number in the sequence.  zero plus one is one.  one plus one is two.  one plus two is three.  two plus three is five.  five plus three is eight.  0 1 1 2 3 5 8 - eight is the seventh level of number.  13 21 34 55 89 144 - the thirteenth level is 144.  233 377 610 987 1597 - the Zone would currently be an 18th level news enterprise.  You can see how to measure level - this is the Weigh. 

     Each field holds its own standard of measure.  What is a field - Rupert Sheldrake - morphogenic field or Richard Alan Miller's holographic field or just, the aether.  A field is an area that has a form of measurement - something that is common across many fields can compare to other fields on an apples to apples basis.  As we go deeper, we tend to be less broad and our three dimensional space requires more subsets of direction.  To keep simple - narrow down your fields to two - one being your training perspective.  We are going to question all knowledge two fields at a time - by sorting things into categories and shuffling the deck for many new game resets. 

     To play this game - track your time each day as a function of peeps in your space.  Humans only for this one.  Hold the data for a month, then reset to a different page and track the same data for another month in a form that makes more logical sense to you.  Do not go back to the original data - just put that sheet into an envelop and be ready to mail it somewhere.  End date with be time change day in 2014.

Namaste ...  doc

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