January 07, 2014

Correcting Script Errors

We now google
On our microsoft
Listening to pandora
Skyping the cloud
Amazon sells books
Kindle sets fires
Nokia brand names
Label our thoughts

Monsanity - It's a walk
onna slippery rock
Haliburton - It a lie
from a dog

The ability to renew
Current information

Dissipates ...  ....



Once again
Love wins

Truth comes fore
Water sets forth
Imagination and Intention

Some beings will just melt
In the sunshine of light
Rather than let it go
Even when jig is up
Denial seeks support from you

Do not consent to the imaginary belief system
Fibonacci provides a context different from the past
Just because it was, doesn't mean it is
Let go of the illusion that creates reality
A whole different frequency has become apparent
When you're not in tune - you vibrate howdt
Spinning back to the whirled of 3d ego
Until time enforces rigid discipline on common reality

Time the illusion
Cats in the know
Smells vibrate waves
Out of audio range
When amplified harmonically
Resonate in purrfect love
Without need of money
Without need of control
Without need of speech
Control remains in order
As chaos yields debris
Humans may evolve
By recognizing change

lemme howdt  (CC) 2014

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