January 27, 2014


Flow signals movement - as we see that Mass has been established and Form has been taken.  The flow may describe a path of water or a path of time - it is the action that establishes continuity.  When things flow smoothly, everything seems to work out well.  We tell people to go with the flow when we want them to stop complaining and just catch the ride.

Most peeps do not really take the time to consider flow.  Sure, they turn on the faucet and expect the water to flow.  But do they grok what it takes to get that water to them.  The miles of plumbing and the energy required for pumps - maybe indoor plumbing was never a good idea. The water of earth is precious and we use it to harbor waste.  Think of the critters that would object to that use - they are more in the flow of nature than humans are.

In fact - humans are not what we seem to be.  We think we are so smart because we communicate by voice in language.  Creatures have two eyes, two nostrils, two ears and only one mouth.  Perhaps we should talk less and develop our other senses.  Seeing what is real rather than what is reel.  Smelling and appreciating aromatic effervescence.  Listening and really hearing the other being,   Talking with rather than talking at.

When the flow is flowing, the words just slip off the tongue and creativity is a guide to create whatever we can imagine - with forethought and history combining in tandem to create a perspective from the now.  Today is my personal Flow Loving - Monday Morning Metaphysics is the reward for finishing this post.  This takes place today in the GFP chatroom : a center pavilion in Loveland.  The place where flow is the focus has yet to be determined, as the interest of the population is required to determine the force of the flow.

Victor Schauberger created a natural Flowform - a shaped pathway that spun water in a spiral form that cleansed the area for the community where he lived.  He had a sequence of bent path forms  that carried the water to a state where it freely mixed with other living beings in large pools, before cascading the flow down to the next construct.  The Peace Fountain will be a central form of flow as we envision community - it wills be a gathering place to honor all the water of the peeps : life itself.  If this is an interest area - the Schauberger group i belong to has many good deep discussions on aspect of physics - perhaps in Flow Minding with a direct connect to ONRRI.

What Hari' is doing is parceling out the sections of his chaotic mind into a new pattern of order.  The Flow area is difficult, yet needs to be established third, as Maslow's hierarchy of being does not allow for growth until the foundation of the pattern has been set.  Chrystallographic evidence in chemistry demonstrates that bonds have their regular angles in common structures - the movement outside the lowest energy field creates asymmetry - a breaking of the rules, so to speak.  In sociochemistry - the flow is from sociology to chemistry.  In chemosociology - the flow is from chemistry to sociology. 

These are conventions - the convention is reversible in the immediate now.  If you take a step forward, your next step may be forward or back for any step.  If you take a tangent, you go off on an adventure and you come back to the original curve changed.  There are two features of every first journey - charmed and strange.  Once you know which one you are in, you get half the picture through your fractal visioning.  The other is yet to come.  If something seems odd - then you might detect strange and go with that flow.  Do not try to prove the point - wait for another run and get the charmed version.  

How you work in the flow dictates how effective you are.  Are you with the flow or swimming alone against the flow?  Or is that beautiful witch Flo from the insurance company trying to get into your pocketbook?  Let her go - along with the ads that she offers - a fictitious product in a fictional empire whirled.  

We are defining the basis of words - they all mean specific things.  We want to group in small groups where we speak common words and share different experiences.  It is a new weigh of working - we have to define what we want in terms that we can all agree that we want it - from our own perspective, and then create the flow of the vision, from the mass and form.  Then on to different things.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

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