January 25, 2014


Please fill out this form is a common corporate greeting.  The information requested by the form is personal and unilateral - you have no information about what you are getting into, but if you are applying for something, they are soliciting information - In form Nation - could be the empire's slogan.  Try to stop giving them information on their forms and they start making your computer run slow, or hijack it into the cloud when you upgrade.  This is the form of life we begat in the information age.

We are changing the movie and need to look at the form that new should take, now that we have achieved the mass of thought that we can imagine a new movie.  As lead character in your own movie - you wish to form a goal - but remember the goal of the movie is to bring a new form to the operating system on planet earth - Gaia - mother.  The earth grid is 64 places - each created in the game space-time as an experiment in learning.  

Since doc is studying emergent behavior - his form will live in the Mind Minding MM space and all of conventional science and mathematics will be assigned to this space on the grid.  Games Theory as applied to Group Theory in sociochemistry - ONRRI and Scheming Mind will be housed in the MM construct.  The form within the MM space will be standard academic - all Mind groups M will develop into a league for discovery on each apparent task*.

Note how the form can take shape even before the M province is created.  The form of expression here in the blog that uses doc will be from the M space.  Note that the grid of 64 is two dimensional while the application layer will be on a third axis.  Hari' has created the grid based on a simple doubling function and it expands based on level - which is a function of phi, the golden mean ratio.  The treei concepts form the initial 64 grid - for now, consider your introduction day as your mass massing - if you have not met the real me - then you have not been introduced to the game yet.  Grandfather date zero is 011914 : starting date is today 012514.  If you wish to play - i will explain the form of calculation from your birthdate when we have a group discussion to define interaction between fields.  This number will be important, but for now we are just populating worlds with what will be the non-player characters in other forms of games and experiments.

Learning through games is just one perspective.  The form of the game does not have to be fair to the character - but it better be fair to the player.  This is a sense of fairness changing as a function of level.  Remember - this is a virtual landscape that we are shaping the form of the setting - it has the feel of a write your own ending book - the kind where child you on your hero's journey meets the cast and chooses the page to turn to next.  We are not heroes - heroes are a form of sandwich.  I'll have a Philly Cheesesteak hero from J's any day.

To illustrate an fair, unfair game - let me use Benedict Chess from Scheming Mind - an internet form of chess site.  When your white chess piece attacks another black chess piece on the board, the attacked piece pulls a Benedict Arnold and switches polarity and becomes a white piece.  Then black moves and pulls a back attack and turns the pieces black.   White has a supreme advantage to move first, but black wins a good proportion of games, especially once the traps are worked out.  The game takes another form when it goes to Benedict 960 and the back rank pieces are scrambled.

After 480 scrambled symmetric and 960 scramble assymetric were started - white had less advantage over black.  For a while - i worked for the site crunching statistics and writing articles - it is a fun weigh to meet people all over the world and a reasonable place to hold a private conversation.  There are about 30 different chess variants available, including standard chess.  You do not have to know how to play chess to learn some of the variants - other variants are mind freak games and the level of competition is akin to swimming in shark infested waters.  Schemingmind.com  $25 annual membership.  Based in Britain - other currency arrangements available.  You may play welcome games before you choose to join.

The form of advertising will need to be changed within our movie - each one of us will develop our own interests in a form where we can express those interests with like minded peeps in smaller bubbles that eventually grow up together to become a beverage.  A new form of model - the water is the solvent and we are all water.  Dare to think in a different form and one of our 64 groups should fit your intention.  Use imagination - Verify knowledge.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

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