January 31, 2014


     Love is an ever present, everywhere phenomena.  Love is, and that is what love is.  To love Eros is different than to love agape and there are likely two dozen shades of grey in between.  To make our love fit others, we must learn to go deep and love ourselves.  I love me in all forms - i love my parents for generating my mass - i love the flow in connection to nature, i love the personal power to create change.

     Love is always considered a virtue.  We start as babies with a sense of pure love perspective - a telepathic awe that allows us to envision things very different from the form we started, as embryos formed in a sea of amniotic water connected to a separate creature - MotherGod.  To look at the form of love between a mom and her children is quite different than the love with her spouse.  Which weighs more, you might ask?  Use your own intuition, to watch a given situation, to answer the question for yourself.

     I love different items that bring me joy; there is no attachment connected to that form of love.  It just becomes an expression of personal value, that is sometimes used as a hint to others about what the things of value are to you.  I love music - voices like Stevie Nicks, Annie Lennox send me one weigh and voices like Dylan and Rod Stewart have a totally different mode of love.  The music tells a lot of stories and you can tell when the singer creates from their heart.

    At this point, i think that we have to look at the love that we have for this planet - Gaia.  It seems that some people who are corporate in nature are using a scorched earth policy to make messes and not clean them up.  We can lovingly remove these non-persons from power positions by removing acknowledgement of the power structure that they have established.  We really need to stop the movie of generating more pollution and allow Gaia to metabolize for a while and process off the materials that are already overwhelmingly scattered amongst the surface and ground waters of this living earth.  

    Love is a feeling, a presence, a perspective.  All actions should come from love - love for self, love for all, love for each other - with due respect for every other person.   We now are defined by our straw-man - in the new earth community, we will be defined by our integrity, as evidenced by our actions taken from love.  We cannot allow mean people to despoil our integrity and we have to encourage each other - no matter what we believe, we have to express the words with kindness.  Show all the love in your heart - wear it as a smile.

     Love is the chemical attraction between molecules.  Like attracts like in a dimensional array that groups water molecules as a whole entity in communication with all other life.  When as below, so above - love is the attractant between peeps of all sorts - your cats have the ability to change the mood with a purrfect love announcement, right?  Love conquers species differential - it can change the world when we embrace it and surrender to love.

     I can go on and on, but i'll allow love to say it all.  I love you.  Take good care of yourself and find the roles that turns you on, such that you can love being you and share the wealth of the common community.

    Namaste' ...  lemme   ( love is not a doc topic )

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