January 23, 2014


Thyme for mass - the Rev Dr. Hari* at the helm of the Space ship streaming through the time void oblivia.  We conduct mass for the masses as mass is massing - the change we are seeing is from the chaotic nature of our current reality vision.  When a chemist says mass - he is talking about matter.  Wassa matta u? was the catch line for Chico Marx to get Groucho going.  So let's talk about the concept of Mass.

In order for the individual to be, there is a critical mass of event that must take place - to make you who you are.  You are human by the grace of a system that creates life forms of different entities - the mass that reads this text is a person.  If you treat other persons as you wish to be treated, then your mass is comfortable in other contextual weighs that existence just seems to flow.  There is a sense of mass that is due to bulk and another sense of mass that is due to texture.  When things appear massive - we think of bulk and of weight.  

Our measurement device for mass is the scale - the method of Mass is the Weigh.  There are many ways of walking the weigh and each area to be measured is responsible for determining the standards of measure.  The population of beings includes many more living entities than humans - our weigh must consider the mass of those entities in looking through their perspective when they cannot talk to us in words.  As we change the parameter of scale, we will have to look at the changes from the quantum perspective of mass shift.

If you are an individual focused on mass - you can have the choice of many groups to work within.  Groups based solely on mass are in the domain of Mass Massing - the first thing that must be done in any system. Analyze the frequency of what is coming together for the first time by taking measure of the assembly.  To learn to count in non-linear terms is a step in learning how to apply this new system.  Make today your new birthday and make it your personal mass massing day.

Today is my personal Flow Massing day.  This refers to the Treei calendar - which requires for you to search this blogsite.  Fortunately, computers make this task very easy - in fact  you can take your real birthday and calculate your real treei configuration.  I will have a class on this topic at a future date, after a bit more of the Mass has massed for the ONE - One New Earth Network.  This new form of media is massing on a planetary scale - the people involved have stepped beyond the previous system and are co-creating a system within their own image.  

I am using treei as a specific image to honor Armando and Libby and Ingrid and the time we spent together developing the thought that we can base a fractal resonance frequency upon.  It comes to me to just be and do - when i calculate my annual treei place from my real birthday - i am in Mind Minding space or therabouts.  I have seen the changes from a different fractal perspective and the layers of the patterns when crossed provide the archetype for a new space.  We get what we think about and our water is a conveyor, a solvent for allowing love to flow between people as chemical bonding works in nature.  This thought is neither right nor wrong, it just is and by following the thread without taking other perspectives, we can work at a depth level that resonates the frequency in a different order.

One weigh is to use the sound of music to play a background theme that sets the mood for the participants.  Soul connections based on chemical principles can fit into two cosmic arenas - sociochemistry and chemisociology.  The pairings are similar to what Asimov coined as Psychohistory in his Foundation novels - hence we are now in the Rahiji movie.  In this movie - all the Doc and lemme roles that have been created are dissolving within a grandfather clause and no new greeting are made within these characters.  Thus - only family (which includes all heart-bound friends) are available as 3D portals and the 3D reality otherwise doesn't exist.  

The mass that is massing does not recognize the limits and boundaries of the current system illusion delusion.  Other systems may not cross into this system - it is already fixed and the measurement system developed in the last fractal will be the new weigh for the next fractal, until we refine the measurements when we know what we should be tracking.  For the moment - time and people count.  Maybe measure the max and min temperatures of the day.  As the fields morphologically develop we will need to track in similar forms - such that the weigh weighs apples to apples and not pears to bananas.

Eat well, keep hydrated, drink at least two glasses of water today - structured if possible.

Namaste' ...  Rahiji  (pronounced as Harry or Hari')

*  Believe it or not, my real persona is a Doctor of Divinity and Doctorate of Philosophy : Universal Sovereign of a Living Earth and Oregon State University : so if knowledge or reverence is your criteria - maybe this is a different path that makes sense.

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