January 20, 2014

Monday Morning Metaphysics

Deep inside the cave - the hermit awakens.  The screen calls even before the lights go on and the instant prayer develops - awareness of self - awareness of all - begin.  To chat, to listen to be with other enlightened beings - the group is small.  The one is up to two when hermit makes three and the size rises to a peak of seven - then simmers there as the dynamic takes the static into holographic and morphogenic fields born in by the stage of development that integrates the quality and quantity of numbers.  

Each one brings a story that requires attention of others - a place of common coexistence that defines a perspective - their perspective.  By being in a one that is greater than a single one - the fractal of size change resonates the quality of the fibonacci number that defines the group.  Group theory in chemistry and group theory in sociology follow the same mathematical patterns as develop within game theory.  If we wish to resonate in a world of love and have fun, we have to be willing to play thought games that take us out of our comfort zone and allow us to rationalize from other points of view.  Games are a mental construct - if i called the game an experiment, a whole different group of people would understand the concept i was talking about in a completely different weigh.

By different weigh, i mean that the construct of the group of college educated america has a completely different belief system than the construct of the layman educated at the school of hard knocks.  Those who learn that things other than keys open doors at an early age get characterized and educated to belief exactly what their programmers wished them to believe.  Who are these programmers.  Well, your grandparents.  And they were doing it out of complete love for you, because you are the offspring that matters most to them.   You perpetuated their genetics when the goals were shaped by Charles Darwin. 

My views were shaped by Linus Pauling and Albert Einstein.  And television.  The baby sitter that had this five year old watching both JFK and LHO get shot live on national TV.  As my parents each had their hands full with what they were doing to raise a family in the best Brady Bunch, Father Knows Best style - i watched the myth of the 60's through the eyes of one of the first kids exploded out into his own in the nuclear age family - the precursor to beginning to stand under life differently at an early age.  Jeopardy was fodder - who, what or where was easy when you read the world book encyclopoedia to find howdt what they didn't tell you in school.

I didn't ever realize that the classes of two that i had in elementary school taught me a completely different world perspective than my classmates.  I was buttonholed into a pigeon coop of believing everybody was sharing my individual experience where common sense was not even a concept until i read Thomas Payne - in middle school!  Now - we are beginning to see with transparency some of the things that i saw young and couldn't believe were not common experience, because i see the world through my own eyes.   When i get tense, i always go back to a space where i am alone with me.  I am comfortable there and have lived in my space forever.

You have your space that you know where you are and can be you at times when only you need to be there for yourself.  The level of intrusion allowed when you need your personal time is a function of the size of the group that you call one.  Your personal quantum beginning.  You have grown up and now are an adult, or you are learning every day and you are a child.  We all are both adults and children at all times.  Treat every being with respect, most important treat yourself with respectThyme Howdt for prayer and greeting ...

Home has a new cat that didn't live at the place where i was staying in the prior fractal here in my immediate now.   We have to build a trust relationship between beings and i have given this cat more information than he can integrate in the time frame of cat - which operates at speeds much faster than most humans can conceptualize.  In other words - respect for all beings.  Diligence.  Remaining in the now, while traveling within imagination to conceive of thought that changes the way it is to the weigh we wish it to be.  We have to see to be in our mind's eye to create the paradise that we strive to achieve.  

And that story is fostered in the need to protect our children from ourselves after we rebelled against our parents and then started seeing the light beyond the light.  We all know in our hearts that our parents love us deeply in all situations with a connection that is stronger than the will of the other parent in most cases.  They never made the love bond connection with each other that should have been required before they made you.  (** is this really a true concept or is this a myth that we carry?  How can we tell?)  

What's love got to do with it Tina?, what's love but a second hand emotion - no, we don't think so.  But thinking is believing at a different level than what you might think.  Stay Loony Tuned, Bugs and Marvin.

Namaste'  ...  Rahiji

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