January 01, 2014

New Year, New Earth

Highly interesting New Year - welcoming in all sorts of ephemeral energy from the high aether.  It seems that some people collude to make themselves miserable, by not allowing themselves the freedom to dissociate from modern culture.  They cling to a myriad of formally nonsensical propositions and sometime argue just to hear themselves think.  When we step away and allow ourselves to devolve into our own mind - the scenarios that we build are positive and enlightening.

Gaia is localizing - the mechanisms of overly large are starting to recede.  The games that corporations and governments play with each other are becoming transparent - the nonsense that rights are purchased calls for a deep reallocation of thought concerning the entire field of governance of modern life.  The vast ecological damage done by the scorched earth policy of Armageddon worshipers of the eternal dollar will be mitigated - whether the human species survives is the question.

We have made enough genomic changes, that evolution is a first hand phenomenon.  The radiance of nuclear reactions compounded with changes in our genetically modified foodstuffs has led to a change in the cognition necessary to recognize such change.  Our youth realize that they are bound in debt from outside appearances beyond their control - they will not feel obligated to pay for the collapse, nor should they.  If they were allowed to expend energy on constructing the form and flow of the change, they wouldn't need the monetary system to enable them to be.  It's time to make it so.

There are people forming community in all locations.  Some are working alone, others are forming groups.  Find some people that have similar goals and pool efforts to bring everybody up to fruition.  The question of who brings which resources to the table should not be an issue - woofers are needed to make the physical effort to replace every stitch of inefficiency - which is vast.

Time to think for yourself - do not form agreements that cede your personal ability to control your own time.  Ask questions and verify intention - the goal is to allow imagination to replace the way it is with the weigh it will have to be.  Peak everything will yield to make due with what is there - we have abundance, but we do not think in such terms.  Turn off the tube - shut off the outside and go deep inside.  Look at nature as sustenance and form alliances that bring love between many diverse forms of symbiotic life.

People seem to have their own ideas of how things should be.  Everybody is entitled to their own responsibility, as things change, how you look at things will determine how they are for you.  Think things will go well, and so be it.  Live in fear and we will see you later - other people are there for you.  If you can let things go and maintain a love vibration, the reel will morph to the real and you will change your movie.  

Namaste' ... doc

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