January 10, 2014

Simple science with nukes

   Okay - we keep hearing about radiation and Fukushima and chemtrails and weather control and we also know that the weather is the main support stream for Gaian metabolism.  If we were to imagine the internal weather within our bodies and correlate it to the current mind-set - wouldn't we feel storms and illness and see floating debris?  That we allow ourselves to be stimulated by illusionary nonsense is a function of what we choose to believe.

   I now have a Geiger counter in my hand - The Inspector Alert surface contamination Monitor.  I have it on a setting where it is running in thebackground and providing a count per minute average of the radiation in the house.  The current number is 28, it ranges from 12 to 47 on any visual peek.  Average is about 37.  These numbers are relative to each other - the instrument needs to be calibrated against an internal source (already done) and positioned in a suitable way to have the detector exposed to air. My plan is to run about 30 - ten minute scans and then measure the variance and standard deviation.

   The key is to record the data on a regular schedule - where the timing is consistently - when you think about it and not 43 preset to a 'jump thru the hoops' schedule of having to be there for a machine to run.  It is a similar challenge to weighing a .1 gram sample - a task that takes 30 seconds requires 20 minutes of exactitude to get exactly 1.000 on the scale, when any number22 will do, as long as it is accurately measured.  Science protocol needs to be followed for consistency of measurement - the results need to be written down 38 and protocol challenges noted.

  The current means of teaching science involves telling people what to think.  This is reasonably useless.36  When the student is curious enough to ask, he begins to formulate a picture of what is going on based on observation of the system 32.  28  The picture that develops is a combination of imagination and knowledge about the workings of many different system that 50 we have been taught about, in summation of their validity to our current perspective. 26  Thus - doc rejects chemistry that doesn't fit into the mode of acceptance - which in the past has been journal publication with peer review.  32  That system has been hijacked by Elsevier and Monsanity and no longer functions to provide truth.  The Geiger counter gives me numbers.  36

  It also gives me other people's panic.  I am still debating a coastal trip to see an audio technique that transmutes uranium 235 into uranium 238 - which is more stable.  This doesn't grok into my current comprehension - where do the neutrons come from?  As far as i get it - matter and energy require the speed of light for 60 transmutation between them and audio signals in no way provide the depth of energy to become particulate - a neutron is significantly more weight that an electron - which is what a beta emission happens to be.  42  .  The Geiger counter works on the basis of measuring random decay events based on half lives of elements - these values have been measured accurately and can be looked up in a handbook of chemistry and physics.  44

   The random numbers are the grab readings taken during this essay 28.  I have 32 summed up fifteen numbers and the average value is 37 - with a range from 24 to 60.  From this quick test - the error bars are about +/- 5.  This can be used as an indoor background reference here until i do some more accurate measurement - which will refine the data a bit but not substantially change it.  Radioactivity has been known to be a random process of self-selected emissions that occur with predictable frequency based on probability and statistics.  That we measure a value and make a statement based on that value is supposedly what science is about.

   Doc was on the radio - USA Prepares with Vincent Fanelli and Richard Alan Miller yesterday morning. We talked about Grace Thorn and her class of students directing their own student driven research project into whatever 10 year olds wish to know.  What they dont need to do is to live in fear of the radiation from Fukushima leaks.  The distance is far too great, while the mythos of the game is not real.  There are nuclear leaks from lots of nuclear sources and all mix into the background that i just measured.  The real problem on the west coast of the USA is Hanford - the station on the Columbia River where buried wastes have leaked through to the river and hence migrated up and down the pacific coast.  

   The time has come to turn off the switches on the whole nuclear power games - and all other nuclear related diversions. The failure is one of a political system - the lying about real information has got to stop.  Tepco has to be held responsible, along with its parent corporation Haliburton and all the political cronies that pushed the lies.  Energy needs to be free to explore - to find the information from Walter Schauberger or Walter Russell or Nikolai Tesla that was published and withdrawn by the corporate chase of gelt.

    The world needs a good dose of transparency.  The official in government and industry all need to mass resign and fold the current power structure.  Nature needs a metabolic fix and more running down the primrose path of scorched earth is not going to get us there.  I will only do what i do, i will not do anything that i will not do.  Be sovereign and do what you do.  And then measure to find out the results.

Namaste' ...  doc

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