January 21, 2014

Unity Community

The Unity Community is a group of connected souls that have gone through a collective reality experience together, such that there is a bond that is different from the normal interactive bonding in the world today.  The group had its beginning a few days before Doc started the next fractal of his experiment and hence lemme howdt s a player in that community by virtue of the common experience.  In theory - love provides the glue to form chemical bonds - it is the attraction between elements - like attracts like.  The mass realm thinks opposites attract and their glue is fear - the other side of the love coin. 

Yesterday - there were seven beings engaged in the chatroom in the early hours of the Mountain USA time morning.  The concepts were driven by Kris' statement I am dead - there is no love.  The group of love beings present distinctly changed the vibe and brought love and peace both to the forefront. As lemme howdt, I participated with a service of raising the consciousness level - as one part of a group set at Fibonacci 5 and working on real life problems.

A system is only as good as the prior system that it was built upon.  The house of cards of current reality is such that we now are each responsible for our own life style and for all of us on this planet.  Who are we now that we are one?  [i][quote]I am you and you are me and we are all together.  See how we run from pigs with a gun, see how we run.[/quote][/i]  Not any longer>

To get the operating system correct and not contaminated by the one that we left - I choose to invent an experimental system to attempt to include every being - self thinking entity on Gaia.  The new movie Ender's Game will have a sequel - Speaker for the Dead - that represents a change of theory for our young hero Ender.  We are at a point where we can create something new, but only if we each tell our own story and listen to others as they tell theirs.  We are co-creating the history of us for future generations - think about how you wish to be perceived in your actions today.

Rahiji is part of One New Earth Network - the ONE.  Rahiji is Dr. Lenny is lemmehowdt is doc is ... - we are all characters in our own Truman show movie - stop the presses, change the movie - Make it the book Foundation by Isaac Asimov and Doc is Hari Seldon.  Since we are also all characters in each other's movies - we get to play our roles without rewriting the script. I can be me in your movie and you can be you in my movie.  Sui Juris.

If you wish to join the experiment and play this game - read about bubbles on my blog at howdt.blogspot.com and contribute to this thread.  We are developing a new media form and each of our likes and dislikes have to be considered right now, before the form grows beyond control.  This is libra's bubble - thank you dear sister, my love - for being at the stage personally to step forth and do. 

Each of us here have proved to each other that we are trustworthy - call yourself on it if you are not.  We need to see how high the fractal bar can be shifted and we have some good organic growth models to work with.  We are cocreating our own common reality - treat yourself as well as you treat the other beings here and i'll catch you in the chatroom next Monday morning.

Dr. Lenny has a new experiment that he is calling a game.  Rahiji is the new name for the teacher and learner of the game We Remain that directs the course of the experiment - when Rahiji is the character - neither Dr. Lenny nor lemme howdt are allowed in the system - unless grandfathered in before the conception date.  Therefore by the luck of the draw, dear Paige, i love you and will remain in touch by the same rules that govern the transformation of past to future via the present.  What we believe in ONE is not what everybody else believes as individuals - there is no common ground.  We share what we are by hanging with beings that appreciate us as part of their tribes - you in my tribe, me in your tribe.  

Respect the fractal size of your tribe and the difference in the tribes of those you include on the scale that you function upon.  If you truly wish to learn what i just said , i have decided to take on a small number of apprentices.  There is a large falloff with virtual and real distance - we all have to be who we are and play roles for the expectation of others that have not made it this far, yet.  Appreciate the journey - it has different pathweighs that arrive to the same place - use love and light in your movie.

Namaste' ...  Rahiji

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