January 26, 2014

We, the people

People attempt to rationalize individual actions within the framework of their personal belief system.  As the current system fails, it is interesting to hear the stories that people are sharing, because most people have access only to the mass media and the lame stream is very off page to the world circumstance of what is going on.  Common sense is not common to all the folks and the difference between those who paid attention to school and those who paid attention to life have had vastly different experiences to draw from.  

To not comprehend is not a crime.  It is not stupidity and has nothing to do with actual value, yet everything to do with self-esteem.  To break down somebody else who doesn't get it your way is not a victory - it is a loss for all.   Some things do need to be broken down in order to reassemble them into another different picture that explains the weigh it is, to people who have lost their way.  We can break things down deeper and deeper, but we cannot reassemble them back up - we have no essence of emergent behavior.

Now let's first define we - most people use we to include themselves within a common viewpoint.  I used the global we to include humanity's leadership - because i have assumed responsibility for being who I am.  I have many roles and people have expectations of the image in those roles. 

The time has come to step back and analyze the roles we play and what our own individual expectations are within these roles.  The rules we play by are enforced without our true understanding - we have to realize that we don't have to stand under those rules - they do not apply, yet they are enforced. Why?  Because we have a common system that supports them - the Law.  Go read Bastiat sometime when you have a few hours.

Do not take any action that you wouldn't undertake anyway.  Look at the actions that you do take and ask yourself - to whose benefit is this action that i take?  As a person, you tend to look at people as, well, people.  The legal system looks at corporations as people.  I look at pets, dogs and cats as people, because they look at themselves as people and consider their actions.  Plants have a life, as do crystals, and so many things grow well inside other things.  Things have presence, a morphogenic field, that creates the substance of a thing that began as an idea on some other scale, somewhere in this galaxy.

Things happen for reasons, and cause precedes effect.  When time runs forward, we see this as so; if time is not unidirectional but reversible, then sometimes we can take tangents that are outside of time.  These near death experiences or vision quests happen for real in the emotional and figurative state that we happen to be in at that moment of time.  They provide us with a wake-up call and a grand learning experience.  

This form of journey is for you as one, and when you have had one, you know what i speak of.  If you have had more than one, then you know that each is different and you change vastly, immediately instead of finishing your current journey.  The cast of characters remains the same and the universe for you is a fractal of what it happened to be.

Everybody will have to walk that path individually - as ego dissolves into alter egos that compete for attention within rather than without.  The words we use to describe concepts fail to express properly and cause each of us to believe we are alone - we are not, we are just lonely.  We are not really in tune with our self and when we find ourselves with time on our hands, we need reassurance from somebody else that we belong in their cast, in the role that they wish us to play, to gain their acceptance.  We have to detach, to see things through lenses without attachment to the events.  

To see the view from the perspective of change is to use your vision to create - first decide what it is you wish to create, then do your homework, your self-work, with Gaia as perspective #2.  Because she is changing and it's gonna be a wild ride.

And when we dissolves into I, and Gaia as one and one, we can attach to another soul and make two.  We have to first experience both sides of the coin - the yin and yang - and then see that we are all water.  The water gives life and we need light and love as the bonding agents for humanity to reconnect with all of life that we call nature.  We have to pull the plug on technology awry, but we do not have a collective sense strong enough to call we, we.  I must pull the plug for me, on my own terms.  You must pull the plug for you, on your own terms.  Then together, you and I can build the dream that we envision, together as one, and change the linear dynamics of a dysfunctional society.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

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