January 24, 2014

You on Gaia - Our New Earth - ONE to one

      On another note - how is Gaia?  I feel that she is less spun than before, but she really has problems correlating the duality of reality in the world that used to exist, with the dreams she has for where she is today.  Too big a saddle in the old whirled - the new world requires losing all the baggage on the journey.  Are you taking good care of you?  Treat yourself as though you are taking care of your own child - your inner child.  Let's play!

       Imagine that you can create your own system by taking any book, movie or other image and creating your personal reality around the theme.  As the author or director - you get to choose the cast and also the amount of time spent on screen.  Is your movie a drama or a comedy?  Is there adventure and romance?  Are you the heroine?  You have roles to play in other people's movies, but then they are the director.  

       Can you be a star in multiple people's realities?  Is the story always a hero's journey?  Can we change the story to show how cooperation wins, love wins ?  Are we anonymous only because we are scared of the image of personal destruction, so firmly planted in the existing media?

       I imagine Eve and Adam being the parents of a new form of expression, a garden based instant communication media that supports artists in all phases of creating the history of the future - keeping the records straight from our new earth perspective.  My personal journey into a new earth is now complete - the 45 days that i spent on the road since December has become the final scene in the seven year reality switch from when i found myself alone without the world that i had built with my family - which somehow still isn't quite real, the journey whirled seems surreal. 

       Let me know a bit more about you - we only connect briefly as you read, but i feel a real connection - a different sort of bond, as though we share a vision that is different than most.  I know that i have changed paths through this juncture and i am learning again for the first time on a new fractal level.  My blog tells the history of this journey - over 2222 posts : there is some order beneath its chaos, if we can do the proper data mining.  The story is not a heroes journey, it has been a learning curve about natural resource reality from Gaia's perspective.

      Imagination is the glue between thought and reality.  Nothing has ever been created before it has been imagined.  The Fibonacci sequence of the phi ratio describes nature's wiggle room in an easy to grok format - it identifies the pieces of the next system - the scale is measured in many different weighs on many different scales.  Kinda deep for a blog, but we need to use the tools that are available.  I hope there are other people creating other systems, the more the merrier.

      Know that you, unique you, your inner child is receiving a gift from my inner child that it wishes to co-create a grand movie of epic proportion - based on the combined movies of all peeps, alone and in pairings of twin flames and companions - with love as the amorphous glue that holds the bonding of atoms together.  Atoms are people, like attracts like, opposites repel and water is both our key and our model.

      I love you and I love you.  Two ones - both sides of yin and yang.  Love on the opposite side of the coin of love - not fear.  Now, m'love - tell your story ... not to me but to yourself - in preparation for the casting call.

Namaste  -  Hari'

Inspiration from Lisa and also Libra - thank you

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